My Quilceda Creek Allocation Up For Grabs...

Not a buyer this year. If you want, you can log on using my credentials and order to your heart’s content.

2006 Galitzine Cab 6 @ $98.00 each
2006 Palengat Cab 6 @ $83.00 each
2006 Red Wine 18 @ $35.00 each

Prices don’t include taxes and/or shipping.

PM me if you want any or all.

What are the Jay Miller scores? newhere


Galitzine–Very Nice to Super Nice

Palengat–Nice Plus

Drinking windows? Sometime before next century?

I hate ranges…

2006 Galitzine 123 points
2006 Palengat 117 points
2006 Red Wine 103 points

Are those from before or after tasting the Spanish Wines?

We have a winner. it’s closest to 100, no?

Thats funny shit right there…

2006 Galitzine 32.8 proof
2006 Palengat 31.8 proof
2006 Red Wine 30.6 proof

Mine is up for grabs too.

Interestingly enough, those wines were poured from Spanish wine bottles. [wink.gif]

Consider my allocation (2x Tex’s) to also be up for grabs. Chicago/Milwaukee/St Louis/Indy/Detroit logical locations for delivery

Nobody wants it…either here or on ebob.

I’m passing on mine as well. First time in 10 years.

Nobody wants it…either here or on ebob.

Sign o’ the times I guess

I want it. I just don’t want to pay for it.

I’ve only been on the list for 2 years and I’m already considering passing on this one. Something tells me we might even see these show up on retail shelves this year…

I finally had one local chime in and say he’ll take 6 of the Red but that’s it. No takers on my allocation other than that.