"My Posts" don't show anything

Anyone want to chime in? All those wanting ‘my posts’, place your vote, please!

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I just voted but it might be two late. Frankly, it was the lesser of two bad options.

All posts

As I understand it, the first option is equivalent to what you will see if you go to your profile and click on Activity. You can already do it, maybe folks should go look at it. It’s not at all the same as being like the old board but expanding to all the threads and not just new ones since the transition. It would show all posts, not all threads. White noise for anyone who is a regular participant.


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Yes, ‘My Posts’ is the equivalent of how it was - ‘Activity’ (in your profile shortcut) shows EVERY post, not just threads like ‘My Posts’ - the lesser of two evils, to be sure, is to keep My Posts as it is, showing the threads one participates in, and for those you have to dig out to post in again (so they again show in My Posts, but as threads, as everyone likes it) you can use Activity or search to find, as you can even search for yourself and terms you’ve used. Once you post in there again, you ‘refresh’ your My Posts list - won’t take long for most, I’m sure, as it is unlikely many want threads they last participated in 10 years ago in that list - they want the more recent ones.

I changed it back to My Posts as it was, because this way we have BOTH options - My Posts (which will continue to populate as you participate) and ‘Activity’ which gives every single thing you’ve done, every post, reply, etc - best of both.

That seemed like the sensible approach, and the threads will eventually catch up for the ones that stay active and still interest the user.


and quickly, I’m finding :smiley:

How is it useful to see my posts but not actually see my posts just threads I participated in? Both could be useful, but I’d probably find actual posts more useful than threads usually.

You get BOTH here - ‘My Posts’ shows the threads in which you’ve participated in (like on the old forum), also you have ‘Activity’ in your profile which shows every post you’ve made, the actual posts.