"My Posts" don't show anything

I’m trying to look at the threads I’ve posted in and am following. None of them show up under “My Posts”. Did they not convert from the old site?

You click ‘my posts’ and nothing comes up? Can you screenshot?

Only showing posts since the new site went live.

See above

Not in my case - I see all of them, all of mine - I’ll check into this with the powers-that-be

Go into your profile and click Summary. Under Top Topics, click “More Topics”. This seems to have a longer list than what you get under “My Posts” … I’m not sure what the definitions of My Posts is…

I have the same issue. When I click “My posts”, it pulls up today’s posts (since the upgrade), but nothing before.

Here you go Todd. Only stuff since the new site went live.

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try this, y’all

Sure that works, but what about making My Posts work with the imported posts? Separate issues

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Working to find out what that might be - will report back tomorrow when I know

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That doesn’t work. Yes, I get a list of the topics I’ve posted in, however there’s no rhyme or reason to the order they show up in. The old site showed them in chronological order by the last post on the thread.

Sorry Todd, but this new site is really awful.

Looking forward to this being fixed. Thanks, Todd. Other than this the new site is lovely.

Why am I getting an email every time somebody posts in one of my preferred categories? Make it stop.Seems this new format is geared toward more advanced computer skills than I possess.

In your Profile — Preferences — Emails ---- Switch everything to Never

Still working on a solution to the ‘my posts’ - as I think Julian indicated earlier, you can see all your posts by going here

and we’re trying to figure out how to change the coding/link in some way to show that data instead when clicking ‘my posts’

It already is set to never

Can you show a screenshot of that setting? Should look like this:

This could be the same issue I had yesterday. Received over 100 emails and now nothing. Try looking at the notification categories in preferences and see what you have listed for watching.

On the subject of ‘My Posts’, we have two options, and I’ll post a poll here to get a vote, but I need to make the decision soon, i.e. within 24 hours

Two options are:

  1. Change the link to ‘Activity’ which will show every POST you made in any thread, not just the threads, i.e. before it showed any threads you participated in. You can see what this looks like in your Profile, Activity (upper right, far right head shape icon)

  2. Keep ‘My Posts’ as it was on WB only realizing that your prior threads won’t show, only those after the migration, UNTIL you post in them again, which shouldn’t be hard given the search functionality here, you can be quite specific. Once you post in those threads again they will appear in your My Posts as threads, like it was on WB of old.

  • Change to ‘Activity’ showing all posts, not threads
  • Keep ‘My Posts’ and start building them again

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