My first Dehlinger Pinot Noir

2006 Dehlinger RRV Pinot Noir

This producer is not widely available here in Washington, so I grabbed this bottle when I saw it in a shop a little over a year ago. Very nice expression of new world PN. Definitely fruit forward and modern, but balanced beautifully. I just sealed the second half of the bottle and stuck it in the fridge.

I only know the producer is well reputed and I love what I have tasted in this bottle. Are there svd’s I should seek out? I’ve heard the Syrah is good too. Any whites?

Look forward to feedback.

The bottle was enhanced by Dick’s Picks vol. 28 discs 3 and 4, 1973 in Salt Lake City. Mind bending Eyes of the World on disc 4.

Anthony, Dehlinger syrahs are very special, as are the cabs. I’ll be exploring his Chardonnay as soon as the next mailer arrives!

One of California’s finest wine producers IMO. One caution - they really require age in the bottle to develop. My 06 Pinots are still buried deep in the cellar.

Dehlinger syrahs and chards kick ass. I really like the cabs too. IMHO they all need alot more time than most other domestic wines. They can be suprisingly big when young but gain elegance with age as the youthful fruit mellows out. 2000 Dehlinger Octogon Pinot Noir has to be one of my top 10 best wines ever.

Great wines.

If you like Dehlinger try Swan and Holdredge Pinots too.

The '04 Goldridge Pinot two weekends ago was really good. Pure red Cali fruit and plenty of spice. I have never had a bad one.