My first Berserker Post, some TNs from a Ssam Bar bday dinner.

Very glad to finally be posting my first TNs on Berserkers, thanks to Lyle Fass and Michael Bowden for getting me over here. Been lurking for over a month and have enjoyed all your guys posts. Todd from what I’ve seen so far looks like you have created a wonderful place for wine lovers and ITBers alike with plenty of familiar faces.

Onto the evening’s TNs, didn’t take notes so this is all from memory.

Some friends and colleagues gathered at Momofuku Ssam Bar to celebrate Crush’s very own Fine and Rare Wine/Margaritas Director Ian McFadden’s birthday. Food was killer as always. Ordered a bunch of dishes but finished with the Bo Ssam which I haven’t had in a very long time but was even better then I remember.

82 Roederer Rose Magnum: Second time drinking this. Always tasty if not the most complex wine in the world. Nose is still fresh with some mature notes. Palate has noticeable sweetness but not cloying with good fruit and enough acidity to hold everything together. Tasty.

1995 Paul Pernot Batard: None of us thought this would be any good. I didn’t know it at the time but Burghound just slammed this bottle. Shockingly enough it actually was alive and well with no signs of premox. Great mature white burg nose but still very fresh. The palate had solid drive and nice tension and with enough oily texture and minerality to make it interesting. Really terrific drinking white Burg. I wonder if this was just a random great bottle and every other bottle will be dead?

1990 Arnoux Suchot: This was showing great, mouth watering and juicy but balanced with good spice and earth notes. A richer, 1990 style but not in an over the top way and showing no signs of going downhill. Carries nicely through the finish. This bottle was hitting all the right notes. Best bottle of Burg at the table in my opinion and a hell of a wine for pork shoulder and hanger steak

1990 Lafon Volnay Santenots: Good but not great. Solid balance but a bit rustic and disjointed. I don’t think it will ever become something special but it still has several years left. Was better with some air and food but never really did it for me. I thought the Suchot was clearly the better wine and more importantly, much more of a pleasure to drink. Ian disagreed at first but came around at the end.

1985 Heitz Martha: Oh no, its corked. I became very depressed and turned to pork to bring my spirits back up. This would have been great but oh well.

1985 L’Evangile: Very classy Bordeaux. Mature notes on the nose but still fresh and light on its feet. Everything was integrated nicely. Not profound but excellent. No rush but why wait? This is in the perfect place and won’t get better.

2001 Trimbach Freddie Emile 375th Anniversary Edition. Great petrol, pear and honey nose with, as always, outstanding balance and acidity and decent minerality. Seems to be aging a bit quickly but I still think this will go for a good while longer but was very good on this night.

Cheers Everyone!

Hi Chris! Happy Birthday to Ian. Sounds like you guys had some great wine.

I will pass on the Happy Bday Cheryl!

Was very low key and a lot of fun for sure.

Got a crazy couple weeks coming up but Peking Duck House soon?

Absolutely. Just PM me with what’s good for you.

Welcome, Chris. Good to see you here.

Might be in NYC again some time soon. I’ll drop you a line about getting together.


Chris - welcome!

If that’s your ‘from memory’ TN’s, I’ve got some work to do!

Oh trust me Todd, they’re many a nights when I wake up and my tn remembering skills are not be up to par.

I actually made a mistake too, Ian still thinks the Lafon is better, just too young!


Definitely give me a heads up next time you are in town.

Welcome Chris!

The Lafon and Arnoux are both very nice wines, congrats!

Too bad so many of those '85 Marthas are corked. Think the winery was infected back then as pretty rampant. When on a great wine.