My experiences with 2009 Burgundy

Hello everyone,

Earlier in the summer I went to Burgundy where I visited a few producers and tried their 2009s. I’ve finally got around to writing up the experience and if anyone is interested my thoughts are here.

If you just want a summary then 2009 reds are quite voluptuous but rather charming, the best are certainly worth buying.


You feel the best are worth buying - if it is an excellent vintage, should not all price ranges of Burgundy be a smart purchase?

Hello Todd,

Oh very much so, I had some totally delicious village wines whilst tasting and one quite brilliant Bourgogne Rouge (from Cyprien Arlaud).

By ‘best’ I didn’t just mean the flashy stuff, quality can exist on many different levels.


That was a very entertaining report. Its good that you threw Arlaud into the list of producers. I’ll be sure to try some of his wines. Keep up the reports and let us know if you find that notebook!

Hi David, Great write up. Interesting observation on Mugnier and the 2009 vintage. Not surprised to hear your comment knowing the Mugnier vintages I like… Be interesting to see what BH and Tanzer have to say. Was that the biggest sausage on the plate :slight_smile:

Hi Ray and Mike,

Many thanks for your kind words [thankyou.gif]. I quite enjoyed writing that up but then I enjoyed the wines. Real swine that I’ve lost my notebook, I can only imagine that the cleaner threw it away as a kind of quality comment on the legibility of my hand writing…


What did you think about the perceived levels of alcohol? I have heard a lot of people hearing about this, but have yet to experience it myself.

As an aside, I am very sensitive to off putting alcohol notes in wine. Of course I have a strong bias, but tasting with others hasn’t turned up any clues either.

Hello again,

I didn’t find distractingly high alcohol levels in any of the wines I tasted. I don’t know about Mugnier, but when asking at Dujac, Arlaud and Roumier they told me that the maximum potential alcohol levels they had at harvest were 13.5% with most in the range 13-13.5%; hardly excessive. The wines I had may have been well-titted out, but I didn’t get any overripe characters or alcohol burns.


This falls in line with my experience as well, thanks for the response.

Thanks for the report, David - I really enjoyed it. Not only was it very informative for something done from memory, it was also wonderfully and yet appropriately lewd, in a manner befitting only a true Burgundy lover :slight_smile: I don’t know if prices will be in my range, but your notes will help me decide what might be worth the splurge. Dujac and Roumier are already among my favorites; it might just be time to try my first Mugnier; also I hope I can find some of the Arlaud wines to try.

Keep hope alive on finding your notebook. About a month ago I had an upgrade mishap with my iPhone and lost voice memos from recent months, astonishingly wiped clean from both my phone and my computer “backup”, representing some 400-500 tasting notes. After some bouts with denial then despair, I resignedly filled entries into Cellartracker with notes like “Specific notes lost, but I remember liking this quite a bit” just so I would know what I had tasted. Just last week, I discovered that for some reason, I had backed up my iPhone voice memos to my iPod as well. Notes recovered, and I’m slowly but surely revising my tasting notes to reflect their original glorious (or unglorious) detail. So you never know!