My burgundy peeps...Grivot question

Found some of this local and want to get some insight on this wine and vineyards, any personal experiences that you could share?

Domaine Jean Grivot 2013 Roncières Premier Cru (Nuits-St.-Georges)

Relative to other vintages, Vivino loves it [scroll way down and click on “See more vintages”]:

Whereas [relative to other vintages] the lone taster at Cellar Tracker hates it:

Cannot comment on the particular wine but I am a big fan of Grivot in general. Wish the wines were more available in in the US market. Meadows scored the '13s very high FWIW. He gave a barrel score of 90-93 for the Roncieres.

makes a super Suchots also, hard to find in the US. Used to be an Accad disciple, I believe, but no longer.

i tried the 13 nsg lavieres [blind] and found it a bit hard and stern, typical of OG grivot. good wine, but you have to like the style.