My 1st retailer cold call

Somewhat small, niche retailer here in NYC. Very good wine selection; prices are on the high side:

“Uh, hi there George! Just wanted to reach out cause we haven’t heard from you in a while.” (hadn’t bought from them in well over 4 years) “Anyways, we wanted to offer you a special gift certificate in time for the Holidays consisting of $50 off your next $300+ purchase. This is valid from now until the end of the year. Would you like me to pass you to one of our “portfolio managers” now or would you prefer I send you the certificate by email?”

It’s going to be an interesting Holiday season for sure.

Ugh. The hard close. How disgusting [barf.gif]

Ha, when I buy my wine I only deal with senior executive portfolio managers! [tease.gif]


I can just see the call taking place. ‘George’ says ‘sure, I’ll speak to a portfolio manager!’. Brief silence, shuffling over the phone receiver and muffled talk heard

[Cold Caller] ‘Brett, man, get OVER here! You need to take this! I said you were a portfolio manager, man!’.

[Brett] ‘Dude, wtf! I need to finish making the callouts then I’m on a break!’

[Cold Caller] ‘I know, man, but I didn’t think he’d say yes! WTF is a portfolio manager anyway?’

I received a call from a winery recently - Clos du Val.

Hadn’t bought anything from them since 06 and they called asking if I wanted any library releases.

If you’re gonna do something like that I think it would have gone over better if they had just gone ahead and mailed the card - no questions asked…

Sounds like they are desperate for business…

Matt, I think the PC term these days is “love”.

It’s going around. I had a winery owner in here yesterday (yes Sunday) tell me he’s going to bring me a couple cases of wine and if sell them I can pay for them, if not no problem . Or he says “pour them off in your wine bar”. I said, No thank you…
Desperate times mean desperate measures.

Why didn’t you take them, not pay for them, and give them to me?

OH UM, ok … I’ll get right on that neener

burgundy wine company? they call me every 6 months or so. so random and clueless and a complete waste of time. the calls are always cold as they don’t even mention what i’ve purchased.

Because I fulfill that role quite nicely for Carrie.

Close, but no.

That was my guess too. I’ve been getting calls from them and now emails. I keep telling them to remove me from their email list but they keep sending them.

When The Burgundy Wine Company calls, they don’t offer to pass you off, nor do they do discount coupons. Usually a ‘built case’ at discount plan. They are usually very nice and I never sensed a ‘hard sell’.

I’m just sayin’.

Sorry 'bout that George…we will never call again. neener

Where is your Negly TN?

Fwiw I like Burgundy Wine Co - found some good deals there before like grower bubbles at reasonable prices and 01 Pavelot Dominode for $35.

If they’re reading and want to call to discuss offering me $50 off coupons, please do!

Again…it was NOT BWC.

small shop in lower west village opened by a famous sommelier?

Have never bought at LeDu’s. neener