Murphy-Goode and the use of social media

Interesting. Something tells me this will end up as a business school case study.

I hope it does get turned into a case study. Social media, along with every other Web 2.0 capability, is struggling to find a home in corporate culture. With outside perspective, the M-G thing looks like a train wreck all along, but I can almost guarantee that inside the walls, they were high-fiving it and excited until they finally realized what they’d done. Much gazing at shoes at that point, wondering how they managed to blow it so badly.

Interesting example of trying - with good intent, I suspect - to harness new media, but utterly failing to achieve the desired ends.


Read the link. They should be interviewing for an additional position at the winery…to replace the MBA who thought up this disaster! [suicide.gif]


Ouch. They had so much buzz. I didn’t realize the twist that voting is just a small fraction of the selection process.