Mumm Champagne Black Label - what is this?

A local retailer has G.H. Mumm Champagne Brut “Cuvee privilege” for a very low price (<$17 per 750). The bottle looks like the regular Mumm NV, but with a red ribbon on a black label instead of white. Does anyone know what this is? I grabbed a couple to try, assuming I can always gift remaining bottles if I don’t like them. I haven’t had the regular Mumm NV in years, and remember not being very impressed when I did, but real champagne for the price of CA sparklers is tempting, and, as mentioned, actual Champagne always makes a good gift, or a good mixer.


Found an online retailer with something similar to what you listed in your post.

Here is some info on a pdf I found.

GH MUMM Cuvée Privilege Brut product-nottimed-pdf - Champagne, France *92pt Rated - Family’s Founding Label | Best Price Ever $29.99
Why We’re Drinking It
You could feel the tension, the quickened pulses when our sourcing team opened this spectacular bottle of prestige and bubbles for us to try. From the distinctive label of this founding family of Champagne to the classic straw colored glass of effervescent bubbles, it took our breath away. “The Cuvee Privilege was made just for restaurants, this is the last of this “black label” Mumm in the US.” And at 60% off retail, you’ll hold your breath and maybe pinch yourself.
“Only the best.” In 1827 G.H. Mumm instilled itself in the heart of Champagne: Reims. Georges Hermann Mumm set the bar high for quality and it has remained just as high for his successors. G.H. Mumm penned his philosophy and the company motto in the simplest way: “Only the best.” Since then, G.H. Mumm has become the gold standard for Champagne.
Bold Blend: G.H. Mumm has a way with wine. The glorious flavors of their classic Champagne originate in the vineyard. Pinot Noir dominates, Chardonnay makes its presence known, while Meunier makes a cameo appearance. The cellar master adds 25-30% of reserve wine and brings the iconic wine under the red ribbon to center stage with several years in the cellar to age. The Champagne terroir and talent all in a single bottle.
Cordon Rouge: The bottle adorned with the red ribbon? Yep, its iconic and denotes something special. In 1876, Mumm decorated a few of their bottles with red ribbons in deference to the Legion of Honour. The bottles paid tribute to some of G.H. Mumm’s most prestigious clients. A tribute that wine geeks and enthusiasts alike still worship in their glasses.
Mumm recently announced Usain Bolt, a talented and decorated track and field Olympian, as their newest CEO: Chief Entertainment Officer. Exciting and inspiring!
Tasting Notes
White peaches and apricots, blooms of lychee and chunks of fresh pineapple burst to life in this vibrant glassful. Hints of caramel and vanilla round out this quintessential charmer and leave you with a lingering finish that whispers of honey and dried flowers.
The Story to Know
Champagne, France
Maison Mumm’s own vineyards cover nearly 218 hectares. The vineyards, in which Pinot Noir is highly dominant (78%), particularly in the Montagne de Reims, spread over the Grand Cru vineyards of Cramant and Avize devoted to Chardonnay in the Côte des Blancs and the Vallée de la Marne, where Pinot Meunier prevails.
The official échelle des crus champagne vineyard classification of 1911, which is still in use today, rates vineyards in relation to criteria such as soil quality, exposure to the sun and grape varieties planted. Out of a total of 319 communes, this classification identifies seventeen villages as Grands Crus (the very best terroirs in the Champagne region) and 42 other villages as Premiers Crus.
Perfect Pairings
This bottle is perfect with a nice of George Gershwin! Oh right, the food. We love pasta with a creamy sauce or grilled fish and a grilled peach salad.
92 Insider Points
The color is yellowy honey gold. The aromas are decidedly winey and full. It explodes with hints of wheat and chalk. In the mouth it immediately gives white summer fruits with stone. Altogether fresh, with a full-bodied consistency that holds together. As seen in both the tightness and feel, bolstered by a fine acidity and a balance between creamy and bold. A fine balance of aroma, taste and long finish. -WB 5/17


It is a slightly longer aged version (both pre and post-disgorgement) of the NV Mumm Cordon Rouge. It was meant for the by-the-glass market similar to what Louis Roederer does with their Brut Collection. The aim is for it to show more roundness and maturity. In general, Mumm has really improved and while the Cordon Rouge or Cuvee Privilege are not going to knock you out they are solid wines and a steal at $17.

Thank you both! It’s a weekend only sale so I’ll open one today and assess.

Let us know how it is! Tempting to buy at $17.99 a bottle…

So in the name of science I opened a bottle of this to have a glass with lunch. It’s not a world beater but it’s totally solid for $17. Could it use more cut and energy? Sure, but for the price I won’t be complaining. Autolytic without feeling tired or OTH, round but not too round. This destroys any sparkler I can think of in this price range (at the sale price). I think I’ll probably grab a case.