Mr. Freeman and I do Cameron Hughes latest releases

unless they like the wine, in which case they possess sophisticated palates of uncompromising distinction. My reaction to the OP is the guy is a freakin legendary taster. At least the part where he liked my wine.

Torrance, CA. They got 17 cases in today of the Lot 172, but they should be out by tomorrow or so. Might be best to call your local Costco.

Lot 172 - 2007 Atlas Peak Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
Costco item number: 529093

Bought the Chardonnay, looking forward to checking it out this weekend/

Lot 157 Yountville Cab at Costco today for $14 a bottle. Does not suck.

Lot 148 Chardonnay was a pleaser at my house, very light but drinkable, well made. Bought at Costco Westlake Village/nicely done


Drinking this right now as a matter of fact.