Moving to Europe, take the Le cache or keep it in storage?

Quick poll, as I’m undecided. What would you do? I’m being transferred to Europe for 3-5 years. I already figured out what wines to store and a few to take with me. Next question, do I haul a 250 bottle le cache credenza which my home will have plenty of room for and costs me nothing Or do I store it (again no cost to me) until I return and find a new racking solution while abroad? Appreciate any opinions.

3-5 years? No freakin’ way would I go through the hassle!

Forgot to mention it’s a paid move so I’m hands off everything. The le cache unit goes to storage or to my new home. One way or the other it either goes onto a boat or a storage locker.

Can you use the La Cache on European current?

no, you cannot :slight_smile:

It’s 115v so would require a transformer

selling it should be option 3, and the one i would most advocate! best of luck to you and your family with the move!

if it’s free and hands off, don’t see why you wouldn’t bring with you!

Yeah, and probably don’t want to run one of those for 5 years on a refrigeration unit.

Can you replace the cooler with a 220v power supply?

Does this go into the credenza?

Otherwise, just buy something for while you’re there.

I have moved more times than i can count now(work moves), and I think it is worth moving it. Should be easy to get a transformer. The movers will put it exactly where you want it. I do not see the hassle as I assume you will take your furniture too, all paid by your company.

If you’re in NYC and have resolved to shed it, I’d be interested in buying it :slight_smile:

Dibs if you’re in SoCal. :stuck_out_tongue:

A simple voltage transformer may not be a good idea because Europe’s power is 50 cycles instead of 60, and that can cause problems for motors (i.e., your compressor). And it would likely void any warranty.

Definitely move it. I’ve been on ex-pat packages, and it’s one of the benefits for the move. I had two Eurocaves in London that I used a transformer for, no problem. You’ll have enough things to keep track of, it will be nice to have wine storage covered!

Many expat packages won’t pay to move the wine if that affects your thought process.

Sell everything you were going to pay to store…buy new when you get back.

If they pay to store while you’re gone, ignore these posts. Bring it with you or store, don’t sell.

Phil, many places in Eutope have cellars that’ll be fine for when you are there. Also it’s not difficult to get older vintages of wines over there.
Leave the wine fridge and the wines here.

Move it with you, if it gets damaged, insurance will cover and you purchase a new fridge. If you store it for 3 years you risk having the unit not start when you plug it back in.

Thanks all for the input. I did sell about a third of my wines (mostly due to change in preference) that I didn’t want to store. I am leaving all the Wine I want to age here in the DC area in a friends cellar and I’m taking Several cases that are ready to drink with me. I am taking one case with me on the plane over and a few cases via air freight covered in the move pkg. I decided to take the le cache. It’s out of warranty anyway and I’m not to worried about the transformer issue, and like I mentioned, costs me nothing and provides me free racking until I fill it with euro wines:) I would have tried to sell the le cache but know they don’t fetch much used and trying to move it is another story.