Moving Past Veuve: Initiate Me

im curious if the above suggestions were all made specifically for someone who enjoys Veuve, or as good places to start with non-supermarket champagne in general? Im also in the process of trying to taste and educate myself about Champagne but am not necc excited about Veuve.

My list is simply a list of high quality grower champagne in that price point.

Good point, no they were not chosen because they would appeal to a Veuve drinker, just recommendations for Champagne at a reasonable price point that I love.

My recs were just good Champagnes outside the bigger brands in the price range that were specifically at Hi-Times. The wines I recommend are from a variety of styles.

And I get $5 for ever bottle sold !! [snort.gif] champagne.gif

We just cracked a Laurient Perrier and found it had that quality - my wife didn’t like it though.

Your wife doesn’t like Laurent Perrier? That’s like the most standard crowd pleasing champagne. Does she only like sweet wines?

Bryan, give the wines in post #38 a try. You may end up liking some/all of these and then you can start a journey into some avenues of stuff that may thrill you. At minimum, you will expand out into some things that you are fortunate to have locally without shipping.

At that price point, try Bereche et Fils Brut Reserve


Most of the suggestions given in this thread have absolutely nothing to do with similarity to Veuve or what Bryan has expressed liking so far. In fact, many are about as polar opposite as it can get. This thread is basically a collection of personal favorites of posters. Nothing wrong with that as exploring is how you learn. I thought Moet White Star and Nicolas Feuillatte were good stuff at one point. Then I had Krug which is nothing like either of those and my life changed. Shortly after that, I discovered Rene Geoffroy, Pierre Peters, Vilmart, and Diebolt-Vallois. None of that would have happened if I wouldn’t have taken some chances and explored (though I did follow a lot of Tom Stevenson’s recommendations at the time). While this thread is a bit like throwing muck against the wall and seeing what sticks, it does have a lot of interesting suggestions. I just hope Bryan takes the time to try a number of different styles of Champagne from large and small producers and some with different amounts of age (both on the lees and post-disgorgement). Hopefully, he learns what he likes and doesn’t like and discovers some new favorites.

Sometimes as someone learning the ropes in champagne that’s kinda what I feel like I’m doing anyways. Personal favorites is a good place to start

Reviving an old thread as I’m on a bit of a champagne journey. Have been trying various house cuvées from my local wine shop and looking for some guidance. I’ll list what I’ve tried recently in order of enjoyment.

  1. Laurent-Perrier La cuvée
  2. Billecart Brut Reserve NV
  3. H Blin Brut NV
  4. Veuve
  5. Bauser brut NV

I also enjoyed a 2016 extra brut Billecart that was very nice but it was before I started comparing champagnes and also a vintage champagne, so I omitted it from the ranking.

I’m not sure exactly what made enjoy the LP and Billecart. They seemed to have a fine mousse, were elegant, and not overly fruity. If that helps at all.

Thanks in advance.

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In my haste I realize that my earlier post wasn’t very clear. I was hoping the champagne aficionados on this board can recommend some champagne to try based on what I’ve sampled and liked so far. Preferably common enough to get at a decent wine shop with a bit of searching.

Any recommendations?

Sorry about that, young kids and sleep don’t mix well.


Nobody has mentioned the extra sensitivity of champagne to heat, light and vibration over still wines. Buy from a retailer that sells a lot so stock is fresh and store it carefully.

I haven’t seen it mentioned - although everybody is thinking it - Krug!
Krug is king!
Krug Grand Cuvée

And when you get tired of that - Krug Clos du Mesnil!

And then when to switch it up - Salon!

(Just kidding :laughing:)

So many fabulous recommendations here already. I’ll chime in with 2.

  1. Moutard Champagne Brut Grande Cuvée is a really nice bottle of wine and can usually be found right around the $30 mark – sometimes less. Their rose is fine too in more or less that price range.

  2. I see Roederer mentioned here, and can only emphasize that no other house to my knowledge is killing it across price ranges at this level or quality. Pick a price point from ~$45 up to $250 and you can’t go wrong. Just outstanding, yellow or pink. And the wines are available just about anywhere. Cannot recommend more highly

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