(Mostly) Italian wine list help

This looks like a misprint on the list
Trediberri ‘Ronche Delle Annunziata’ 2019- $95

If it’s the Trediberri Barolo Rocche dell Annunziata at that price then I would grab it. The normal/classic Barolo for Trediberri is $140 and the Rocche is at $95 so that looks like a mistake. The 19 Rocche is supposed to be excellent and the best wine they/ve made so far. CT notes also look pretty positive. You have to be ok though with young Nebbiolo but I’d definitley snag it.

I’d ask the Somm about this one and see if you can find anything about the producer. No notes on CT but Gilman gave it a 93. Should be drinking well at this point but not sure how the 2012 vintage was in Alto Piedmonte.
Gattinara Riserva ‘Vigneto Valferana’ Bianchi 2012

I really can’t understand lists like this though. Big names at huge markups for the most recent vintages. Label chasers with $ to burn perhaps would be interested but it doesn’t take 5 somms to find great Italian wines they could easily sell under $150.

I see this is in Nashville. Let us know how the food is. I’m overdue for a trip there.

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I saw that and assumed it would $195. I considered that they reversed the prices for the regular Barolo and the Rocche, but given the markups in general it’s probably $195 for the Rocche.

I also thought the Bianchi might be worth a try. I’ve had a few of their wines recently and enjoyed them.

Very much so. The '19 was pretty chuggable when I first opened a bottle six months ago, and it remains so.

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It is a great list, but as others have said, very pricey. I am going to second a few things others recommended, and add a few.

*10768 Timorasso ‘Derthona’ Massa 2021 - $72 -
price is high, but fine considering how good this actually is. I would suggest decanting. This is not your ultra crisp white, but carries great acidity, and a more unctuous texture.

44001 ‘Predapio’ Chiara Condello 2019 - $78 -
also a good suggestion. This is Sangiovese. I bought 2 cases of this wine as everyday drinkers. The price is high, but again considering the quality, the price is fair.

40180 Valtellina Superiore ‘Il Pettirosso’ ARPEPE 2017 - $130 -
Made from Chiavennasca aka a Nebbiolo clone that makes brighter more “feminine” wines. I haven’t had the 2017, but ARPEPE can be trusted. This could be interesting as a contrast to Produttori and Vajra.

*10732 San Guisto a Rentannano 2019 Chianti Classico - $148 -
modern styled, incredibly elegant for an entry level Chianti Classico. This would probably be my pick depending on what i was going to eat.

10361 Biondi Santi RdM 2019 - $239 -
40086 Poggio di Sotto RdM 2019 - $281 -
I have had neither of these from 2019, but there has been a pretty serious push towards making these wines stand out on there own, and no longer as the “little brother” to the Brunello. I think it has been a great move. The wines are becoming more elegant. They are still great for a wide range of pairings.

10986 ‘Fontalloro’ Felsina 2017 (Sangiovese) - $195 -
made from vines in Berardenga and the nearby Colli Senesi, so you can expect powerful and fleshy, modernly styled Sangiovese. Decant, and if you are averse to lots of tannin, this is likely too young.

21031 Valpolicella Classico Superiore, Quintarelli 2015 - $295 -
decant - This will be big, but not Amarone big, and still showing a freshness to it. I am sure this would be a wow wine for the evening.

These are all benchmark producers and you will certainly want to try wines from them all at some point. With all that said, staying under $300 you could get the San Giusto a Rentennano Chianti Classico and the Vignetti Massa Timorasso that are starred above.


As a European I would probably never eat at a place with that level of markup. Some, like the San Gustio is something like x7 in mark up, and the average is something like x4 I guess.

If I nonetheless would, then in addition to some of the previous wines an option for another white wine could be Tiberio’s Trebbiano. Hard to find a better entry wine then this.

The Barolos are indeed quite young but if you don’t mind that then I agree with previous posts that Trediberri’s are both good choices, the 2016 Cappellano is probably a relatively good value (with markups in mind). From Barbaresco the Ca del Baio Asili 2020 is a good option.

Might be the best value on this list (x2-3 retail) and just a terrific wine regardless - the Ronchi di Cialla Scioppettino 2012 at 143. It’s the reference point for the variety for good reasons. If you are up for an elegant, and quite unique wine with the behavior of a Nebbiolo with less tannins, a sapidic acid structure making you want to auto refill, lovely fruit profile that includes a bit of peppery nuances (N rhone-ish), great with food, then this is a great option. This would be my first choice, and I would also ask for it to be decanted once you ordered, and if you have a white wine to start with then I would nonetheless keep a glass of the schioppettino nearby to follow it throughout the evening.

If you would go for the above and the Tiberio Trebbiano (starter/primo) you’ll have two fantastic food wines for around Eur200 from two of the best producers in their respective regions and Italy in general for that matter.

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I openend one from my six-pack at release. It is indeed a really good wine. Needs some air to really get going currently though.


Thanks to everyone again for your time and effort. The dinner is in a few weeks and I will report back. Some great suggestions already.

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31002 Brut Reserve Grand Cru Bérêche & Fils, Le Cran-de-Luds MV $170

10754 Nosiola ‘Fontanasanta’ Foradori 2019 $125
10954 Etna Bianco ‘Santo Spirito’ Terre Nere 2020 115

40006 Ghemme‘ Chioso Dei Pomi’ Rovellotti 2014 140
10552 Merlot, Radikon 2004 500ml 165
10724 ‘Aetneus’ I Custodi 2015 130
10408 Perricone ‘Njuro’ Il Censo 2015 105
11005 Fleurie, Jean Foillard 2020 125

If you are looking for a white, the Friuli Colli Orientali Chardonnay ‘Sol’ Ronco del Gnemiz 2020 is very good.

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Agree with everybody that the list is obscenely overpriced.

Agree with everybody that for $50 plus cost, BYOB seems eminently sane.

However a 2012 Gattinara for $105 seems reasonable.

Dan Kravitz


Not sure what to make of this but if it is indeed Le Cran then that’s a good price given how the current vintage retails for 110€ or so and it is a fantastic Champagne. However as Le Cran is a vintage wine I’m afraid this could be the Brut Reserve at a very steep price. Meh.

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I’m pretty sure it’s just the village Bereche is in, Le Craon de Ludes, which seems to also be spelled Le Cran-de-Luds in places on the Bereche site.


A rather convenient typo!

I wanted to close the loop on this thread and appreciate all the responses. I had a very friendly somm who I chatted with at length before ordering. When I told him I had appreciated the GD Vajra’s I have had, he recommended a bottle of 2017 Brico Delle Viole that I don’t believe is on the list. He thought it would go fantastically with the prix fixe menu, and it absolutely did. He charged me about 2.5x retail which I thought was more reasonable than many others. We started with a few whites from the pairing list and then pivoted to the bottle.

The food by the way was superb. The kitchen is run by Tony Mantuano, formerly of Chicago’s Spiaggia. The space is sorta loud and wonky, since it is basically in the lobby of the Joseph hotel in Nashville. It is very pricey, as the listed menu prices don’t include Tennessee’s almost 10% sales tax, and the listed wine prices don’t include a 15% Tennessee alcohol tax.

That said, it was a fun experience and I learned a lot by researching all the bottles mentioned on this thread. Thank you again!


Chicago has a bevy of taxes. If you’re in the MPEA Zone it can be up to 11.75%. Was the 15% on the list price?