Most useless tasting note I've ever seen...

Saw a note on a Loire white today stating only “Yellow colored.” Great wealth of information there.

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I mentioned the bisque.

Added to the ignore list!

Yeah I saw this one too… how pointless.

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Some people just use CT as a way to track wines they’ve drunk.

can be done without adding notes, though. You have to actively go out of your way to add a note.

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How do you do that? Not talking about marking a wine in your inventory “drunk”.

? What do you mean?

‘Drink/Remove a bottle → Drunk’, and then save without writing a note?


I don’t use the inventory feature, I only use CT to post and read notes. So I can understand someone posting an empty note just to track a wine they’ve drunk, say at a wine dinner. Anyway, easy to ignore.

Ah, I see.

I’d encourage you to look at doing it ‘properly’ - the CT automated reports will then tell you, for example, your frequency and velocity of consumption, if you go to the effort of adding in values you’ll get info on your annual cost of consumption, etc. All very helpful information.

I have no interest in that :slight_smile:

And even less in that!

Begone quantitative data. I vote for bliss through ignorance.

Fair enough!