Most expensive house comes with two wine cellars.....

"Whereas average home buyers might be able to get the fridge thrown in with the sale, the fully furnished Bel-Air home comes with a $30-million fleet of exotic cars and motorcycles parked in the foyer, including a custom Rolls-Royce, a Bugatti and a vintage Allard. The four-lane bowling alley has shoes in every size, and the candy room is filled with towering cylinders of sweets.

Two wine cellars are stocked with hundreds of bottles of Champagne and wine."

Anyone want to guess the contents of those cellars?


Man, talk about a need to have “status”, this takes the cake:

Want even more status symbols? A helicopter is parked on the roof — craned in because the house doesn’t have a permit for landings and takeoffs.

They can’t even use it!!!

Incredibly vulgar.

The candy thing is ridiculous, and the Ace of Spades chandelier is an embarrassing joke. Money does not buy taste.

Probably more oak in the cellars than in the floors.

Man, those beds in the room with the naked guy photo look uncomfortable.

I feel like they ruined a great view lot.

Kanye just started a GoFundMe account in order to put a bid in.

The helicopter is a dead giveaway that the cellar is full of Screaming Eagle.

As much as I’m a free market guy, gotta wonder what the city was thinking even giving permits to build that monstrosity. At some point, there should be some limits, maybe unless you’re Imelda Marcos.

From the picture of the cellar (frame 12 in the gallerty), I could idenitfy white wines from St. Francis, Coppola, and Kendall Jackson. Nice!!!

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Also looks like Domaine Ott Rose…

And get rid of the non-flyable Airwolf helicopter. It’s ruining a perfectly good landing pad a real helicopter could use to deliver Screagle.

And did anyone notice the cellar is full of Kendall Jackson, Coppola, St. Francis, and what looks like a bunch of other cheap bottles?

Gut it and redo it so it actually holds a good 20,000 bottles like a real wine cellar should.

Jim & Andy–Yeah, you focused on what was the point of the post. It struck me as a VERY odd mix of wines to put in the wine cellar IF you’re trying to market this property to a supposed billionaire. Of course, one possibility is that in essence it’s like using staging furniture when listing a property–it’s just a stand-in for what the cellars would look like when filled.

But still, if you’re trying to market this property to a supposed billionaire, are these the staged bottles you would use? They obviously spent a lot of $$$ on other aspects of the staging, including the vehicles. But the wine cellar contents seemed to include a lot of fairly pedestrian plonk.


“Hundreds of bottles?” Piker.

And the cars and motorcycles are parked in the foyer? Is the seller Jed Clampet?

The “cellar” looks like an airport’s duty-free liquor shop.

And is that REALLY a velvet rope around the sitting area in the bar???


There have been a lot of permitting issues in the Bel Air neighborhood, but mostly on lots with more slope, and when builders are trying to skirt the rules (more than usual). I’d guarantee that the neighbors will definitely be happy when projects like this are done though…

I see that James Franco is your personal butler! [snort.gif]

Michael Strahan initially owned the land-bought for 7.9 million and sold it 2 years later for 11 million

If you are going to go cheap with the wine, why even bother?