Most Disappointing wine you ever had?


No intention to play the “bad bottle” card. That said, if you don’t have a predeliction for Sauternes, and caught this in a shut down moment, I could see you being very disappointed.

And, considering it’s reputation, anything less than sublimity could also be disappointing.

Bear in mind I love Sauternes and have had this half a dozen times since its release, and have followed its development. In my opinion, this has been in a more mute phase after a very exuberant youth.

89 Cos d’Estournel

also, a few zins by Turley. They’re sound wines, just… “Is that all there is?”.

Good to know. I bought a lone bottle just before graduating from college, stored it in destructive fashion, and reaped what I sowed. At least I didn’t miss much… [wink.gif]

I have a few dissappointments.
Back when we were members of Winetasters here in TO, the agent for DRC was the guest for the DRC tasting and every single wine offered that night was just blah. I really questioned the storage of all these wines.
At an LCBO tasting they pulled out an 1988 Petrus that I wouldn’t pay $35 for though most in the room all oooed and aaahed over it.
Shortly after the 2003 vintage arrived I went to a 1st growth tasting of them and was horrified at how scorched the Cheval Blanc was. Many were impressed with but, the LCBO rep and myself both ranked it as really poor. About six months later I was exceptionally fortunate to get invited to a blind tasting put on by a restaurant where the 2003 Bordeaux heavy hitters were poured (Lafite, Latour, Mouton, Angelus, Cheval Blanc, LLC and two more, one St.E. and one Pomerol but, I can’t remember which) and I got every wine wrong (not that I expected to actually get any right) except the Cheval Blanc. That scorched earth was like a finger print for me.