More wine market madness markdowns coming...

A little bird told me…

Keep on the lookout soon from retailers for excellent wine deals coming from Groth, and a lot of the Napa heavy-hitters. Silver Oak and Caymus, too. Lots of deals on the way.

Apparently this is for sure in California, possibly also nationwide. No big surprise, of course, I’m just spreading the word for those who might be interested.

Any good wineries? [whistle.gif]

Clos du Val called me a couple nights ago. I havent been on their library list in at least 4 years, pretty funny.

Funny you should bring this up. I just got an e-mail from one of my reps on the Groth Reserve being dealt and the Caymus already was. I mentioned to Silver Oak last year when they had their price increase that they couldn’t have picked a worse time to raise it, nothing surprises me… There are several others that will be coming down too. Flowers & Showkett were already slashed

I think Caymus SS was offered some time ago for $65.

We had a Groth offer for the regular cab, not the reserve. I haven’t seen any offers from the other names you mention, but we did get some 05 Hewitt for an excellent price.
I took a few of those and a few Groth 06 for myself. I’ve had some good bottles in the past and the price was alright.

Isn’t that about the going price for the regular?

Yes, but the SS sells for around $140 around here, so that was a huge discount.

We recently sold 50 cases of 2006 Caymus SS @ $99/btl

Groth Reserve 2005 price was just cut by 30%. When it is cut by 60%, I might buy it.

One of our large LWS has been having an on going sale. Everything in the store is between 25-35% off. Then if you buy a case you get an additional 20% off.

You have to take a calculator to determine bottle price, but the deals look good and seem to be working. The store was full last night.

Sounds good but what’s a LWS and where is one?

I’ve never had any of the old Charlie Wagner wines, but some of the recent vintages of the SS have been very elegant .

Maybe not quite $140 elegant [from the point of view of a destitute wino out in the middle of flyover country], but most definitely $65 elegant - that’s a no-brainer [especially given what I’ve seen recently out of Burgundy [u]at that price point[/u]].

Well, unless the economy collapses even further and we start seeing SS at the $29.99 price point.

But if that happens, then we’ll all be living in cardboard shantytowns and drinking Thunderbird, and the price of luxury goods like SS won’t even amount to a moot point.


Sorry for the acronymn

L - Local
W - Wine
S - Shops or Store

or retail store.

Gordon, no prob, but selfishly, I’d be interested in a store that was offering 45-55% off everything, so I’m also wondering how local is it to me?

Alot of these heavy hitters are distributed by Southern (in CA), and they are known for clearing out the old to make way for the new. They can do it by leveraging with liquor, so the deals you will see are coming from them, and not entirely from the winery. But, once you go to bed with Southern, you really don’t have a say in anything once they purchase the wine. Just the way it is.

It’s like pulling teeth. So many folks here don’t put their location in their profile, but then refer to it as though we all should know.

Yeah, we are not as cool as Daniel, but we sold 20 or so cases of Caymus at a few bucks less . . .

So true…

any details u can share on flowers? Got their most recent mailer and prices are still high.

On the east coast, MacArthur/Bassin’s just sent out an email for what looks to be a 1/3rd-off sale:

If you assume that there was a 50% markup originally, then it appears that they are trying to dump their entire California inventory at cost.

Got an email earlier today from K&L. They are selling the 2005 Groth Reserve for $90 when they used to have it for $140… (I’m still not a buyer.)