Montrose may buy Phélan-Ségur

Though it is not yet confirmed officially, the last gossip in town is about this possibility.

Montrose, who belongs to Mr Bouygues, the Mogul in construction and owner of the TV channel TFI may confirm very soon the buying of Phélan-Ségur, a great property next to Montrose.

No doubt that the best pieces of land of Phélan-Ségur may join later the “grand vin” Montrose since it is no problem with the bordeaux system (not possible in Burgundy).

Montrose is a small property in size, with a huge potential to reach the very best at the top. And Mr Bouygues has high objectives for this sleeping property.

Phélan-Ségur, with the Gardinier Family has done a truly great jogb too on Phélan-Ségur and this deal, if finally performed, is certainly a great performance for both parties.

Thanks for the news Francois. I might have to start backfilling the 90 and 05. I also enjoyed the 06 IIRC.

Do you think this spells a qualitative bump for PS or will Montrose pilfer its best plots, in effect hurting the estate?

This is the tricky question. Obviously the owner will make more money with selling more Montrose labels. Of course, without decreasing the quality.

But, if on Phélan-Ségur they apply a more restrictive policy of quantity harvested, they may keep PS in the high braket where he belongs.

Thanks Francois - very interesting news indeed. I hope they do keep the level of Phelan Segur as high as it is, for the sake of budget-minded consumers!

Serge :

Sorry : my post did not came thru.

In Burgundy you cannot join a piece of land from an AOC “A” to an AOC 'B" when they are in the same category (grand cru or premier cru) while in Bordeaux you may add to your top château some pieces of land coming from the same AOC.

Example : Petrus has include inside Petrus a sensible part of what they did bought in the past from Château Gazin.

The classification belongs to the Chateau not the vineyard land itself. So under Montrose ownership, the PS land can go into the higher classified Montrose with no problems. I believe this is what he means.

hmm. i like both so I guess this is a good thing (unless it also means I have to pay more for both, in which case they can suck it) [berserker.gif]

Let’s see. The average price of Montrose since 2000 is $118.00
Phélan-Ségur $39.00. OOPS. Montrose ain’t coming down. Guess what’s happening to Phélan-Ségur???
From Montrose: Here is our new wine. The Bordelais’s interpretation of “be fruitful and multiply.” [thumbs-up.gif]