Montrose 2019

Just bit on an offer for 2010 Montrose at under $200 a bottle, the same price as their 2014 Pichon-Baron offer. I’m sure 2014 PB is an excellent wine, but underscores the affordability of Montrose!


2014 PB is an excellent wine but it was under $100 at release!

I do hope people aren’t figuring out 2014…


Does anyone have thoughts on the 2014 Montrose?

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I had the 19 Montrose in a blind flight against the 19 Lynch, Giscours, and d’Issan in April… and it was easily my least favorite. Glossy, gloppy, overripe, too much booze, it was big and clumsy next to the others. I didn’t love any of them right now — so young — but I was shocked at the reveal as I assumed the Montrose was the Giscours (which turned out my favorite). The Lynch was clearly the most structured on this night and was shutting down hard after 30 mins of air.

Just one snapshot, and hard to say it means anything, but a little counterpoint to the hype.


What was air treatment?

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This past weekend, I had a 1970 and 1990 Montrose that also were awfully good, esp. the 1970. Of course, a 1983 Palmer also was a star (I might say the star, but we did have a couple of Truchots).

Why not? You will be able to drink it when it is 40 years old.

These were all decanted at the same time, about an hour before tasting. The Montrose was served slightly warmer than the other three wines, which I am sure didn’t help.

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This gets to my skepticism about “best ever ness” in recent vintages and the difficulty of making claims about quality along a single dimension vs changes in style


Especially when the wine being touted is a ‘22 barrel sample.


Care to tell about the Giscours? Its available here at a fair price and I am considering it. Already got the Montrose, Lynch and Leoville Barton.