Montreal Weekend - Restaurant Recs with deep lists?

Will be heading to Montreal for a long weekend with the wifey in late October/early November… looking for a few lunch/dinner restaurant recs w/ deep wine lists (our preference is Burgs). Not sure of hotel yet, but won’t have a car… trying to keep in walking distance or car services. Appreciate any insight, ty

I honestly don’t remember the wine list and it’s almost certainly not within walking distance of any place you will stay, but if you like rich meat-centric dishes you can’t get at home, the “duck in a can” at au pied de cochon is worth the trip. A bit gimmicky, but fun, and loaded with duck, so what’s not to like?

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Ive enjoyed reading and following MPicard for years… APDC on my list for long time and will definitely seek out depending on location. If I need a car then need a car :slight_smile:

We also ate at Europea once, in 2014 so may be out of date. I recall the wine list was quite deep, though I wasn’t focused on Burgs so I can’t comment on them in particular.

Go to Gibby’s. I don’t recall list specifics, but plenty of decent options at reasonable price points.

I usually BYOB in MOntreal but I"m pretty sure Toqué has a pretty upper end list.