Montinore PN?

Never saw a bottle of this anywhere until the Santa Fe Wine & Chile this past weekend. I was intrigued by the 09 Willamette PN. I thought it was slightly corked but had potential, particularly for a $20 retail bottle. In a setting like this not many wines secure my interest, this was one of the few. I checked out the website and am wondering what those of you more familiar with Montinore have to say.

Thanks in advance,
David [drinkers.gif]

David, we tasted the lineup at the winery in 2008, and bought a white while passing on the Pinot Noir’s.

I have not tried anything from 2009.

I have been pretty impressed with their lineup. Pretty hard to find a Williamette Valley, BioD Pinot Noir for under $20 these days. Definitely made in a higher acid, lower oak style, classic style, so if that is something you are into, it is definitely worth a shot. I have also had good experiences with their Gewurz and “Almost Dry” Riesling (even though it is a terrible name).

Disclaimer: I happen to sell these wines in the lovely state of PA, which is how I first found them.

Montinore was the first Oregon producer I ever enjoyed, back when I lived in the Portland area in the mid-90s. Actually lived very near the winery. After probably a decade without trying one I picked up a couple bottles of their '02 pinot (I believe their reserve but I may be wrong) and was disappointed. Probably drank too early, but in any case I’m glad to hear they’re producing some good stuff these day.

Funny, I’m with Jim here – stumbled on a couple bottles of Montinore at a shop here in Houston maybe 6-7 years ago. Really enjoyed it. Haven’t seen it, as I recall, in the past five years. Some really pretty wines.

I tried the '08 Willamette Valley when it was on sale for $14 thinking that, as I posted at the time, my dog could have made good wine in '08. They failed, and I understood a potential reason when I went by the vineyard in September of '09 and discovered a crop hanging that looked like about 4 tons to the acre.

The owner is, from all accounts, a pretty passionate and committed guy, but it just doesn’t seem to show up in the winemaking. There’s no buzz about the wines at all, and for $20 I can think of at least a dozen Willamette Valley pinot noirs I’d rather drink, at least based on my limited data point.

Have to agree with Bob on this one. In the 90s they did turn out some decent wines for the price points, but have changed hands since those days. To me most of their wines since at least the 03 vintage are in the phlonk category, that I personally wouldn’t care to drink even at $7-$8 per bottle.

Wasn’t there some buzz a few years ago that the owner was selling the property to a developer? I wonder if the owner was ready to move on but the real estate crash limited his options, so now he’s “stuck” with the property (I hate to say it that way because as I recall it was quite scenic) and maybe not so interested in the wine biz anymore… Pure speculation on my part.

The WV Pinot Noir was the wine that got me into wine: I remember buying it for somewhere around $12, or so: I think the store I bought from had the '98 vintage in stock mostly – perhaps I tried a couple other vintages, too – I dunno. I liked it, but have moved-on.