Monday night mini OL with Nola Palomar - Veleta Wine

Thanks to Nola for bringing multiple bottles of Veleta up from Dayton to an impromptu dinner. I did not take any detailed notes on the wines (hopefully others will chime in), but the entire Veleta lineup was enjoyable. From memory, I offer some quick general thoughts. I particularly liked the minerality in the 2009 Vijiriega “Viji” and rose. The red wines (2006 and 2007 Nolados and Cabernets) show excellent balance. There is a brightness from the acidity that makes the wines seem fresh and give the wine some length. It was interesting to compare the wines in light of the differing oak treatment, with more new French oak being used each vintage (this is not to say that the oak stood out). Across the board, these wines are some of the best QPRs I have had the pleasure of drinking. It is a shame that they are so hard to locate on the store shelves in our great state that Nola calls home (at least part of the year).

The Vijiriega continues to shine with almost everybody who tries it.

Nola, you need to find a distributor for it out here!

Thanks Jeff and Todd!

Todd the distributor in Chicago that took us European Heritage WInes is also in California and plans to bring Veleta to CA as well.

I just got off the phone with Jill Zimorski the event coordinator for Think Food Group. She is working with me to organize a Veleta dinner at Jose’ Andres’ Jaleo in DC in the next few weeks. I wil post it in the Off Line section as soon as I can coordinate with her in the next day or two…This will be for Berserkers and I imagine it will fill pretty fast!

Jeff, for a “non tasting note” you managed to work in a lot of details about the wines. I want to write some good notes on the Cab and Nolados but I am waiting until I can pop the bottles with some friends or ideally with some local Berserkers. Honestly I think the world should be beating a path to Ugijar for these wines, they are really good and most of us are missing out on them.

DC guys, don’t miss this chance!! That may be too long a trip for me, we will see.


Sandi and I drank the Cab Sauv a couple of weeks ago. Loved the balance on it. Yes, there is some new oak (I’m pretty much an oakaphobe), but it’s used as a seasoning rather than as a main component.

Thanks for posting this, Jeff. And thanks to Nola for organizing a wonderful evening and treating us to most of the excellent Veleta line-up. It was a great pleasure to meet everyone. I don’t remember all of the wines that we had. The non-Veleta standout, for me, was the Samsara Rose of Grenache that Jeff brought. I must find some.

I agree that the Viji is something special. The '06 and '07 Nolados (40% Cab, 40% Cab Franc, 20% Tempranillo) really left an impression on me too. In fact, we’re going to finish off the bottle of '06 tonight.

It pains me that this wine is in a warehouse instead of on store shelves around town. Everyone needs to have access to Veleta wines.

Just heard back from the distributor in Columbus and they have:

Veleta Tempranillo $11.99
Veleta Cabernet Sauvignon $13.99
Veleta Nolados Red Blend $13.99

They also are getting new vintages of Vijiriega (white) and Chardonnay soon, they retail for a little less (his words)

He didn’t specify the vintages but I can find out if anyone is interested.

I, too really enjoyed the wines and thought they were fantastic QPRs. For the price they offer much more than structure, freshness than the usually $15 Cab & Cab Blends you find on the Columbus shelves. I preferred the Nolodos (2007>2006) over the Cabernet Sauv, probably because of the Cab Franc. The Viji was quite nice and unique in that it a had a grain taste that reminded me of beer. On a hot day that’s fine with me.