Monday Lunch In Albuquerque

This morning Carollee had a Doctor’s appointment in Albuquerque and i needed a new battery for my MacBook Pro. So we both went on the trip. Carollee had her internist’s app’t, then we went to TaLin for some needed goodies, then to ABQ Uptown Shopping Center, where the Apple Store and Marcello’s Chop House are located. I got my battery and we went to lunch at Marcello’s. We started with sparkling water and a bottle of 2005 Perrin Chateauneuf-du-Pape ‘Les Sinardes’. Carollee had the Uptown Dip, a ‘French Dip’ with green chiles, caramelized onions, and a three cheese mix. I had their fish and chips. The Dip came with frites, a light dipping broth, and a nice horseradish crême frâiche spread. My fish and chips came with malt vinegar and a red chile tartar sauce. I ordered extra tartare sauce since I use it on both the fish and the frites. All was quite enjoyable with the CNdP - slick new oak and bright fruit in nose and flavors, enough acidity to work with the spicy tartar sauce and fish as well as Carollee’s Dip; and a medium long fruity finish. We ended with a couple espressos and headed home on an increasingly cloudy, windy, and occasionally rainy afternoon.

CdP with fish and chips… i am constantly amazed.


The fish and chip was with red chile tartare sauce; that made it work very well.

That makes a bit more sense. I had white fish, battered and then the regular white based tartar sauce. None of those things worked in my mind with CdP. With enough of the chile tartar sauce I’m with you now.

Unfortunately I like malt vinegar with my fish & chips so may not be able to pair a wine…

What do you guys drink at Sadie’s?

What’s Sadie’s??

What? I sure hope your kidding." onclick=";return false;

When I use to go there it was in a bowling alley. Great Chile Rellanos and margaritas.

I went many times while it was still in the bowling alley…it seems to have lost a little bit of character these days.

Sadies I do the margaritas or if lunch a soft drink.

I avoid El Pinto, nice outdoor area but not a fan of the food.

I’m a fan of La Salita but don’t get there as often now that I’m working in the NE and not SE part of town. That might change soon.

Really? Kind of like the Parker board…