Mondavi Reserve Offerings

I just got a couple of pre-arrival offers on the 06 Mondavi Reserve Cab. Quite a range in the offers: from $135 per to 6 for $620. Then of course we need to add in the new Mass. tax of 6.25%. I guess three things are certain in life, death, taxes, and California Cab will always go up in price. I gotta ask though, who the f’ck is buying at these levels??? So many wines with large case productions over $100 per bottle, someone must be buying or there is a huge back-up somewhere in the distribution chain.

Bob, I would hold off. When the 07s get offered, these will be all over the pipeline for under 90, maybe less…

tried the 2006 at a mondavi vertical tasting this past week and substantially better than the 2005. I would never pay release price, even around $80ish is a stretch.

Just last week I bought some of the 1985 off winebid for $40 a bottle. Mid-'90s vintages routinely sell for $50-$60 there. Why buy the new ones?

Guys, wine buying today brings to mind the saying “fools rush in”. In fact he who hesitates is not lost and he gets a better deal. [berserker.gif]

Especially given the change in style.