Momofuku Ssam lunch Dec 28th

Heading into the city for apiary that night and had planned on hitting momofuku for lunch. Not planning on drinking much with Apiary that night. However figured i’d ask who wanted to join me at noon.

reff ?

Sounds good, I’m in. BYO?

what is their corkage?

fine with drinking beer too. not too sure who would be up for a liquid lunch.

I am working that day but should be out early. I’d love to join if possible.


Shinya is in town and would like to join.

Are we going to do Bo Ssam?

Are we going to do BYO? I know Jordan said he’s saving up for the evening, but 1bot per person would be manageable. I’m happy to drink beer too.

Just wanted to firm up some details.

I would not vote for the Bo Ssam as there are so many good dishes on the menu that ordering the Bo really limits your potential intake.

i would pass on the bo ssam too. I’d prefer beer if anything

I’ll bring a bubbly.

There’s a shocker.

I am in the city that day, I might be able to meet up, have to drop the wife off at lunch somwhere in the city on the East side.


Cannot make it, but you have enough people to pre-order the fried chicken. You should go for it." onclick=";return false;

Bring her along, there’s never enough women at these things (unless you count Brad or Jorge). But they’re more like trannies than full-fledged women. [tease.gif]

I’m down for fried chicken!

going to ssam bar. then again not too far to the noodle bar. let’s plan on meeting at ssam bar.

Ahh. I was wondering why I didn’t see it on the menu.

Shinya invited another of his friends but has not heard from him yet, so there is a possibility we could be adding one tomorrow.

Knowing the “women” you’ve been involved with in the past, it’s no wonder you see Brad and I with such lust in your eyes. [bleh.gif]

Oh Shyt!!!..its today, sorry guys, I thought that this was tomorrow, Tuesday. I already have reservations at Nobu. Next time…Have fun Jordan

Hey guys, I have a work conflict and have to pass, sorry to say. Have fun and hope to see you on your next visit!