Moet Chandon MCIII

This is a relatively new wine from the MH stable, a blend of multiple vintages from steel, barrel and bottle from vintages between 93-03.

Blended, refermented and then disgorged in 2014, this is 03 dominant with around 30% coming from steel tanks of that vintage. It has 5gm/lt dosage, which technically is quite low for Moet Hennessy.

They use a diam style cork for this, and quite fancy packaging with a silver capsule (quite long and hard to cellar) and silver base (which fails as it traps water from the ice bucket and drips it all over the table!).

The wine is really quite good, it has quite rich fruit, but a nice freshness to it. You can tell it’s a mature wine but the blending has given it some extra energy. Lots of orchard fruit and good acidity on the palate, long and lively. It’s quite rich though and fun for a few glasses, I suspect next release will be better.

That presentation is an atrocity.

It’s actually quite remarkable in how ugly it is. It reminds me of being stuck behind a tricked out Honda Accord at a red light. Its all bad.

Old school Marie Antoinette stems, too

What’s the cost of this set?

Is that silver thing on the neck really how the bottle is finished?

That was my question too, but it is so in keeping with the rest of the design that I assumed it was.

Google tells me that the answer is “yes”


I’ll say this; at least in this photo they deserve credit for the stemware.

Maybe saving these silver things, and then use them to replace Your old cupboard/door knobs ?
Moet Ch MCIII.jpg
-I’ll go for more wine, less wrapping.


I had the chance to share a bottle of this one year ago and thought it was quite good. Maybe not exactly a QPR play, but tasty juice.

interested in price. I can look past the packaging. Sort of a Krug MV kind of thing?

Yes, the packaging is somewhat nouveau! Under the silencer is a normal cage and bottle, but it also has a rather strange silver cover on the base, flat. The bottle has a regular punt but the water from ice bucket pools inside the punt and drips out of the silver cap when you pour it!

It’s kind of similar process to KRUG as mentioned above, blend of vintages, some from steel tanks (the 03), some from barrels and some from bottles. Roughly 1/3 of each.

Good call on it looking like a silencer. Should have been something Bollinger cooked up for an older Bond film.

Here is the mix:

From steel - 37-40%: all 2003
From wood - 37-40%: 1998, 2000 and 2002
From glass - 20-25%: 1993, 1998 and 1999

It states it’s all Grand Vintage juice which is simply the Moet Vintage.

I’ve got some coupes that my mother bought, probably in the Sixties if not before (not cut crystal, though.) Odd that those are the stems they’d use as ad copy. I agree that the package is awful; wtf are their design people thinking?

Yeah, it’s no Armand de Brignac.

The coupes are mine…baccarat. But I actually drank almost all of it from a zaalto universal. I do however like to coupe every now and then. [wow.gif]

I believe the RRP on this is around $500, pitched at same price point as Dom P2, probably actually retails around 400.