MM Echézeaux

Anyone have any of these lately? I have quite a few in the cellar and was wondering what people’s experiences were. I was pondering ‘12 and 00 VV.

sorry. Haven’t opened one in years. Used to be a great bargain. Let us know!

Have had the '12 GE a couple of times. Lovely drink. I suspect the '12 Ech would be too.

I have had very good experiences. A rare undervalued producer, IMO. The 96 Ech was delicious and grand a few years ago. I have some 09 I’m waiting on.

Mongeard’s Echezeaux VV is a great wine, I’ve got a few vintages, and have recently had a vertical of 02-05, but not the 00 or 12. The 05 is a strong wine, and was surprisingly open and showy 6 months ago. I suspect the 00 will be wonderful, but it might be a bit early for popping a 12.

Some people don’t like the heavy new oak regimen but I find it isn’t obtrusive with a few years of age.

Larry, this is great to hear…I’ve got a few 05’s I’m waiting patiently on. Sounds like with a decant they may be ready now?

I just restocked a few, vv is hard to find these days.

Wasn’t the last vintage of the VV 2010 or 2011? They have a select Ech now but I don’t think it’s the same as the VV.


I have not tasted these two vintages, but in my experience with the producer these wines require and reward a lot of patience. I would drink the 2000.

Yes if I remember correctly it was double decanted 1 hour before pouring so it probably saw 2 hours of air. It was poured in a blind tasting of 2005s, and was voted #1. I don’t recall the lineup, but there were 9 wines and most were still too closed compared to the Ech VV.

In my limited experience, I’ve found a distinct qualitative difference between Mongeard’s Ech and Grand Ech. The GE can be excellent when given 20 years to soften and unfurl.