Mixed higher end Burgundy and Champagne cases for sale

I’ve received several requests for higher end Burgundy and Champagne mixed cases.

I spent a couple hours organizing in the cellar this week and realized that I had way too many bottles in 1s and 2s as well as no semblance of organization in some loose bins which are mostly a mix of premier and grand cru white and red burgundy and grower champagne. Therefore, I’ve decided to offer a few cases of each for sale. I’ll limit it to 5-7 of each. For those who haven’t heard of my offers, I’m selecting the wines that go in each case; to the extent I am able to, I’ll tailor it to what I know of the recipient preferences.

Offer #1: Mixed higher end Burgundy closed

These cases are primarily made up of premier and grand cru white and red burgundy (with some higher end village bottles). The minimum wine-searcher pro value will be $1800. I will include at least one allocated or rare bottle in each case. Producers in these cases include Chevillon, Fourrier, Mugneret-Gibourg, Pierre Yves Colin Morey, Francois Bertheau, Ghislaine Barthod, and many others. Price is $1200 CLOSED

Offer #2: Champagne $650 CLOSED

All wine will be shipped from western PA. I’m happy to hold for appropriate shipping temperatures (should be able to ship soon to NE). I’m happy to send a list of what you’re getting, or you can be surprised.

If you have special requests, feel free to email me about it; if your requests limit my options the price will likely increase (I.e. all grand cru, all red burgundy, mostly bottles from one producer).

I accept payment via Venmo or PayPal. Title transfers when bottles are dropped off at the transport company (UPS or FedEx).



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message sent!

There’s been a few questions so I updated the original post. The wines in the mixed cases will be chosen by me. To the extent possible, I’ll try to include producers or styles that the recipient likes. Obviously if you ask for DRC, the price will go up.

In for a champagne case! I’ll PM you.

PM sent. All Krug for me, please! champagne.gif

In for one of each!

ill take a burg case - will pm

Pm sent

Thanks for the interest so far!

I have about 2 of each case left for people beyond those who have already sent me a PM or email expressing interest. I’ll keep the offer open likely through today or the rest of the weekend until I have received payment for all of the available cases then I’ll edit the initial post to close the offer.

Michael- Even though I’m too chicken-$hit to take a flier on your burg cases, this offer is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen on WB.

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Thanks! I hope people like what they’re getting and can help me with organizing the cellar too!

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Champagne offer is closed for those who I haven’t already communicated with via email or PM.

Michael, just sent you a PM re. a burg case.

Replied, thx

Offer is closed for those who haven’t already contacted me via PM or email. Thanks for the support!

I’ve been pulling the cases tonight for people; it’s fun but also challenging to put together cases people will like while meeting the economic constraints; maybe curating wine lists isn’t so easy :wink:


Cant wait to check it out - thx Michael

Oh sure i’m out of town for a few days and I miss this [head-bang.gif]

May have a couple left, waiting to see if people who have PMed me go through with the purchase.


Anybody report what they got? Deal?