Mission Impossible: Monk Kyoto

I am looking for anyone with a connection here or suggestions, other than online booking, on how to reserve. I can’t tell you how many people I have asked and nothing. It was featured on the Netflix pizza show and has really blown up. I only have one or two times that I can fit it in and the online resy system is really difficult. They book 60 days out so in theory the week I am there is available.

A Kaiseki restaurant focused on Pizza is my dream!

We used a high-end travel agent to book our Japan trip in 2019 (not something we usually do but it was a special trip). We didn’t use him for booking restaurants, but he was recently in Japan and posted about going to Monk on his Instagram ( @besvisor ). He’s a very good guy (his name is Hao Tang) and would be worth reaching out to for advice at least, but he may be able to help.

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Thank you so much. I will reach out to him.