Minimalist Crab cakes and ohitashi....

Crab cakes and what???

Last night I made minimalist crab cakes. You know, like I bought really good jumbo lump crab meat and didn’t clutter it up with anything else really.

1# good quality jumbo lump crab meat (picked over for shell fragments)
3 scallions green and whites very thinly sliced
3 TBSP Hellman’s (yeah, I know, but it’s good)
1/2 tsp ancho chile powder
3/4 cup panko flakes

Combine the first four ingedients, mixing lightly so as not to break up the lovely lumps of crabmeat.
Check the seasoning. I did not require salt because the mayo was sufficiently salty.
Carefully shape the mixture into patties (I made bigger ones yielding 4 from the pound of meat) and bread with the panko.
Saute’ over medium heat in olive oil or butter.

What the heck is Ohitashi?
Ohitashi is steamed spinach that has been shocked in cold water, squeezed dry, rolled into a log in a sushi mat, and seasoned with shoyu, bonito flake, sesame seed, lemon, and scallion.

The crab cakes were garnished with the corn salsa recipe I posted previously.
Nice summertime food paired with a lovely Provencal rose’.

Those crabcakes look very good, and are closer to the ones we used to get at Calistoga Inn in Calistoga, Napa Valley, than any other recipe I’ve seen. They were generally served with a Serrano mayonnaise.

I like to serve crab cakes with chipotle crema. I cheat and use sour cream and stir some of the adobo from a can of chipotles into it - or you could use chipotle powder, which I’ve found at Penzey’s.

Great looking Crab Cakes pretty much the same method I use. I serve them with a Habanero Lime Aioli.

Very nice recipe Mark…need to try it soon! [thankyou.gif]
It was great meeting you at Leo’s!

Marshall [wink.gif]

I grew up in a town just off the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. At one point I think the biggest business in town was a crab picking factory. At any rate when we bought some really first rate crab meat we wouldn’t even make it into cakes, you’d melt some butter and dump in the crab meat and stir with a bit of salt and pepper.

When it comes to crabcakes I have some tolerance for breading, I know a lot of people don’t, but I don’t see it as all that detrimental if you want the crabcake texture. Naturally I hate the sort of crabmeats that are mostly made up of breadcrumb and eggs.

Ohitashi is interesting and something I plan to try soon. One of my Harumi cookbooks has a recipe. Spinach is great and that looks like a great prep.

Nice pictures, thanks for the post.

Those cakes look very tasty…