Mini Virtual Tasting Days - BerserkerDay Offers

Hey folks,

One interesting idea that was suggested to me is to have virtual online tastings for some of the wines offered on BerserkerDay, much like our Featured Winey program, where a date is selected for the community to taste an offering from BerserkerDay ‘together’ online.

This would need to be setup by the ITB’ers making the offer, and only one per date selected.



BerserkerDay itself is all I can handle. I have my website guy working on Sunday as it is. We have a good offer and are looking forward to it.

This is really a good idea. We can have a varietal based tasting involving the winery’s offered wines. Then everyone can crack a bottle and post and compare notes. Or maybe something more structured with wineries offering certain wines for the event.??

I like the idea because I for one like to let the wines I receive sit for a minimum of a month after I receive them. Being able to discuss the wines we purchase on Berserker Day at a later date works for me!

I am in with whatever you come up with on this.

I wonder if Briceland will have enough takers to make the virtual tasting useful.

OTH, when participated in The Featured Winery Program it was a blast, at least for me. I think the process is getting easier for everyone too.

Hi Everyone!

I am contemplating the idea of having a Virtual Tasting for all of those that were able to receive some of the NICORA wine on Berserker Day. I am thinking it should be in about 2 weeks as the wine does need a little bit of time after traveling and that should allow everyone to be on board who wishes to be a part of the tasting. I am undecided on which wine to showcase, the Buxom Syrah or the Euphoric Grenache but it will be one of those. The GSM needs a couple more months of bottle age before it will shine and would hate to shoot myself in the foot too early.

I’m thinking a Sunday but I will leave it up to you as long as we don’t have everyone wanting a different day of the week. I look forward to everyone’s thoughts and will be online to field any questions or concerns.

What day of the week is best for everyone?

I am game for whatever day works best for everybody else.

This event-to-be needs its own thread, in Offline Planner, perhaps?