Miller's London Dry Gin

[welldone.gif] Switched over from Tanq 10. Found this in a specialty liquor store. Poured chilled, up, dry, twist. And for my new twist, I added a sliced pepperoncini instead of olives or pearl onions.

Fantastic! Incredibly smooth, a touch of sweetness, but absolutely no perfumy notes.

My new gin for up Martini’s. Had 2 last night (before wine) and absolutely no sign of hurt this a.m.

Highly recommended. About $30.


I’ll have to look for that one. May I also highly recommend Damrak Gin as one of my absolute favorites.

Which Miller’s? There are 2, I partial to the Westbourne Strength

Craig, bottle reads “Reformed London Dry Gin.” Don’t see Westbourne Strength. What is that?!? Now I’m curious!

Got it here Craig. Thanks for the rec! They think they are BOTH bloody marvelous!

The blue label is the 80pf. Look for the silver label.

Bloody marvelous is better than Bloody awful. I guess they have to sell it somehow