Millenials are Not the Top Wine Drinkers?!

The source I saw said Millennials had caught up to Boomers in wine consumption. This was in volume, not dollars.

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That article is based on the same Wine Market Council report that the article in the OP is refuting. I wonder if some of the discrepancy is due to looking at value vs. volume, but I would think the first author would be on top of that, even tough his article is not very clear and doesn’t give sources for the opposing information. I’d like to see numbers from other named sources.

I agree. I am trying to get to the bottom of this…

Uh, why do we care? Americans are drinking more and more wine every year anyway, does it matter whether one group is drinking more than the others? Well…no, unless you are trying to sell spin to customers who use your “data”.

That’s the first time ive seen ages up to 38 classified as millennials.

We don’t but I suppose Millenneals do. Plays well with all the GOAT/25 Greatest/Top 10/Best XYZ fabricated news stories we read every day on the Internet. Boomer Envy?