Millbrook Winery Visit

I have been to this winery before, and since I was in the area, thought about visiting again. It was a beautiful Autumn day and the fall foliage was stellar.

2018 Tocai Friulano: Very nice with mild acidity with hints of kiwi and peach. This is estate fruit and something that is done quite nicely.

2017 Chardonnay Special Reserve: This wine sees 10 months in Oak and it is noticeable. I am usually a non oaky Chardonnay fan, this was ok, but not my stule. Buttery and creamy, good for the masses I guess.

2018 Hunt County Rose: a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir Traminette (estate fruit) and Pinot Grigio. I really liked this Rose it has finesse and ample amounts of melon and peach. Moderate finish and mild acidity.

2017 Pinot Noir: 9 months in oak, black cherries however it seemed that the finish reminded me of burnt rubber… Not sure if it was due to the terrior or an off bottle. I do not think that Pinot Noir does well in the Hudson Valley all.

2018 Merlot: Very nice, supple and dark berries, Long Island Fruit as an FYI.

2018 Hunt County Red: A blend of Merlot (LI fruit) Cabernet Franc (estate fruit) and Syrah(???) 7 months in oak, nice and rich with berries and plum. I really like the Cab Franc in this.

Overall a nice experience, joined their club so I can grab some whites, and the Cabernet Franc, which happens to do well in this locale.

Thanks for the review Mike. Have not been yet but plan to do so this winter. Any others in Hudson Valley region you would recommend?

Not currently, but I really have not checked out too many of them of late.

clinton vineyards is relatively close to Millbrook.

Across the river, in Ulster County (so a bit of a drive), you have Whitecliff (stick to the aromatic whites; great view of the gunks), Robrero (a friend does not recommend it) and Fjord (and a few others I don’t know as much about). Fjord bottles an Albarino which is kind of crazy.

Millbrook is the best funded and accordingly “nicest” by a huge margin.

whether any are “worth it” is a tough call…