Mike on Tour---NYC--October 17, 7 pm at Pings

I’ll never turn down a Keller bottle! That’s some change for me from 3-4 years ago when German Riesling was “non permiso” in my books :slight_smile:

Benjamin, will be great to meet you and talk about Singapore–was just there in February.

Seems like we have a good amount of white, so put me down for an 09 Domaine Les Goubert Gigondas Cuvée Florence.

I’ve brought it to one of these before, and folks seemed pleased … plus I can source locally vs flying something in.

[cheers.gif] Young Keller though, hoping it’ll show good haha. Oh that’s awesome, hope you managed to explore the hawkers when you were there! Looking forward to meeting you and the rest!

Yeah, I know—but I’ll still drink it!

Hawkers–just a little bit, I’ve still been mostly a tourist, but we’ll chat.

BTW, I hope people can rally to meet with Mark when he’s visiting the week after me—terrific and fun person to be with, even if he does beat down my ass in Fantasy Football!

Apologies, my plus one won’t be able to make it now. But I am going to be bring a Paolo Bea Arboreus

Finally someone bringing one of my favorite producers rather than one of Mike’s.

Mike - neener

I made a 10 person reservation at Pings for 7pm so that gives us 1 open slot. I can always increase it if we pick up more people.

LOL. I am eligible for conversion/adoptable… newhere

If you’re still debating and having trouble deciding I’d be interested to try the Mignon as I’ve heard good things about the producer but haven’t had one yet.

Ok! I’ll bring a Christophe Mignon Brut Nature then! See you all next week.

Ditto, will look forward to trying the Mignon.

Would love to join you all. Tom

Welcome to the dinner!

The Beaux Monts is still on the beam, though I could swap it out for a 15 Keller Scheurebe if we wanted a comparator wine.

Thanks for updating the organizing post with the wines, Jay.


Burgundy is a decent match with the Peking duck and a very good one with the grilled duck breast.

Been mulling over what to bring but most likely…

2001 Knoll Gruner Veltliner Ried Schutt Smaragd

2011 Schloss Lieser Riesling Juffer Sonnenuhr GG

Don’t really have any reds which would work that well…

Hi Marc - While your choices are fine I will point out that if you don’t own any reds that go with grilled short ribs or duck breast then you probably don’t own any red wine. And I happen to know that is not the case

Pinot Noir goes well with duck.

just as an update the Paolo Bea is a 2010 and I’ll be bringing something else, probably a red but I’m not sure what it will be.