Mike (and Jay) On Mini-Tour--Atlanta Day 2---Vosne (and others) tasting

I really wanted to do this and we assembled enough people and wines to get it done. Jay, NIck, Randy and I were lucky to be joined by Don Cornutt and Fred Schwartz. Steve Schwartz also was able to come and we made our inroads into this commune. But first…

2014 Domaine Gros Freres et Soeur Clos Vougeots Musigni

So pretty strawberry and cherry aromatics. TInge of cinnamon for me. Very classic for me, lots of lines and structure with raspberry main. Definitely needed decanting and needs more time, but would love to have a bottle of this in 5-7 years.

2006 Hudellot-Noellat Vosne Les Beaumonts

Of the flight, this was the winner for me. Sniffer is greeted with spiced black strawberry and raspberry. Sultan’s tent spices are subtly persistent. In the mouth, though, it’s awesome already, so luminous and translucent to me. Essence of what this house is about. And it’s probably immortal. Precious wine

2006 Bruno Clavelier Vosne Les Beaux Monts

A bit more floral here on the bouquet. Cherries and a whiff of pomegranata. A different wine than the H-N. You get at more expressive red fruit here, crabapple and morello cherry. But also very, very good, just a question of which style one prefers.

2006 Nicholas Potel Vosne Les Gaudichots

The plot is just below La Tache. His last year getting this fruit. Darker wine to scent, even getting at a little meaty. There is front-to-back consistency of texture, also good expression of red fruit, plum added too, but it also tightens up a little with air time and stays static through the night.

2014 Albert Bichot Domaine du Clos Frantin Vosne Malconsorts

My bring, red rasperry and some chokecherry sift through. Depth of palate presence here but Nick was correct, I think, in that I should have done more than 2 hours of slow-ox to this. Understand it opened further during the night.

2015 Albert Bichot Domaine du Clos Frantin Vosne Malconsorts

Randy was generous to match mine with this. Biggest expression of spices yet. Cloves and coriander and bits of cinnamon accents strawberry fruit. Serious wine, tight and intense purple fruit, raspberry and plum. Still needs a lot of time, tension and maybe some green notes. Will try again today

2017 Georges Noellat Vosne Villages

Quite happy with this, violets and flowers and red berry. As you might expect from the vintage and villages level, more accessible here, replays and nicely representative with some polish

Very happy to have had the chance to delve into the commune a bit. Thanks to all for their contribs