Meetup in Santa Rosa,CA or nearby in April

Looking to plan an offline meetup in or around Santa Rosa area in April. Let me know who’s interested and if you’re aware of any venues that support BYOB for a group(would be good to know for another meetup in the future)

Place: Rosso Pizzeria&Wine Bar, Santa Rosa
Theme: N/A
Date: April 25-27
Time: 6pm


  1. Jidhin

No theme. Bring something interesting, something you like, and/or something you’d like to share!

Bumb. Wanted to check if anyone is interested nearby, I’m traveling a bit in March but pretty available in April for either another meetup or moving of that works better for folks.

I’ve heard Rosso is a pretty solid BYOB.
Will be bringing a 2005 Bordeaux that will
hopefully be showing well.

I am interested!

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Updated time to 6pm, hopefully that works. Looking forward to sharing some wines!

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I’m interested. Do you have a headcount in mind before it’s a go?

Min 2 and probably no more than 8 based on seating from what I saw there.

Due to work requirement, I will be out of town, sorry about the late notice.

Sadly need to drop out given a family event on the 23rd

Put me in tentatively. Flying out for Falltacular on Friday so I need to see if my Wife is Ok with me going out the night before. Sorry I missed the thread.
Looks like we’re the only two? I may be able to drum up a couple more.

No worries on the notices. @Brian_Tuite just let me know. I have a tentative plus 1 I’ll find out in a day or so if he can make it.

Seems there is interest just a bad date so going to try again in April. Will update the topic and OP.

Looking at April 25-27. Let me know if there is a specific day that works best otherwise I’ll shoot for Thursday 27th.