McPrice Myers Spring Offering...

2 Bottles each:

2009 Larner Viognier
2008 Atlas Vinas
2008 Beautiful Earth

Wouldn’t it be nice if it could actually ship to my home? (NJ)

I’m big-time crossing my fingers that the ‘08’s are bit dialed-down from the ‘07’s; if they’re not I might jump ship.

I did

I figure if the ‘08’s aren’t dialed-back, then dialed-back just ain’t gonna happen. For right now, I’m giving Mac the benefit of the doubt and chalking-up his ‘07’s to the vintage. I loved his ‘06’s and ‘05’s, so he’s still got some leeway with me.

We thought they were a bit much also. I hope it was just a function of vintage and not style. I’m with him for this offering and hopefully more after that.

I’ve moved on. Cabot is my new find and I’m sticking with them.

Has anyone asked McPrice to comment on these wines directly? He certainly would be willing to do so . . .

Also, it may be best to try first - jump on out to HdR and give em a test/taste drive!!!


I linked the site in an email to him yesterday. I believe he’s seen this thread.

Any response from Mac. on this subject? I’m curious to hear his thoughts.

'08s arrived. Popped and decanted the Atlas Vinas last night.
Ripeness and alcohol seem pretty much in line with the '07s.

Glad I passed then. I’m sitting on quite a few '05 thru '07 if anyone is interested.