maze winery offering

i just got the offering on this - 09 cabernet. i see a few sporadic notes but not much - anyone have any recent experiences with the wine? thanks.

I bought a three pack of the Cab based largely on the recommendation of Roy Piper. I think there might have been one or two positive references to the wine, but don’t immediately recall. At $60 / bottle + what seemed to be non-extortionate shipping, it seemed like a worthwhile gambit. But I have never tried the wine.

$36 on WineBid right now. 9 available.

odd a store is dumping on winebid @ the time of the offering. bad blood? not like the wine?

i’m thinking about hitting the sav blanc and a couple of bottles.

Interesting how posts drive auction prices. That Maze has been sitting at WineBid for a few weeks at $35 (originally 11 bottles?). I picked one up a few weeks ago but haven’t taken delivery yet. It’s now up to $42.

I signed up on the list after Roy posted about them in this thread
I had been emailing back and forth with Paul about arranging for a local pickup since I am in Cali this week and shipping was almost $8/btl to Ohio. He was very helpful + accommodating and met me at the still un-finished tasting room for Mark Herold Wines in downtown Napa this morning (I got the impression these will be poured there as well, it’s scheduled to open in 2-3 weeks). I grabbed two each of the 09 CS and 11 SB, and will post notes whenever I get around to opening them. They certainly get an A+ in customer service!