Maybach on Deck

From the save the date email this morning. One of my favorite producers. Who else is buying next week?

Greetings from the Winery.

With pleasure we announce our upcoming annual release.
Time: Tuesday, January 22, 2019 – NOON (EST)

2016 Materium Cabernet
2016 Amoenus Cabernet
2017 Eterium Sonoma Coast Chardonnay
2017 Irmgard Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

Our updated website will launch and active mailing list members will receive email invitations with login information. Allocations vary depending on seniority and order history, with a wish-list function in case of any extra.

Magnums are available either with or without wood boxes, priced accordingly.

Weather permitting, shipping is scheduled to start the week of March 25 and continue through early April.

Thank you all, and we look forward to seeing you on the 22nd!
-Chris Maybach

I’m definitely in. Always excited for this one. And the first time in a few years that the release didn’t fall on a day I was traveling :grin:

As much as I would buy if I got an allocation, I guess I’m still on the waiting list. How long does it take to get on the allocation mailing list?

I got the same email today, any idea on pricing?

Last year
Materium was $195 for 750mL $105 for .375 IIRC
Amoenous was $165
Not sure about the pinot/chard but I think around $75

I signed up fall 2015 and got my first allocation last year

Chardonnay was $90 last year. I don’t know about the Pinot Noir. Prices for the Cabs look right, and magnums of Materium were $445 (without the wood box).

I’m really hoping to not see an increase … I love the wines, but $200+ for the Materium will give me some pause, at least on the number of bottles I buy.

Quality wise I think this might be the best Cali Cab I buy. Beats out Schrader every time I put them next to each other.

Does anyone pass on Maybach? Need to get me an allocation.

Damn, with Fait Main this morning, both Maybach and Kata next TUE, and Helianthus (Futo) and DiCostanzo at the end of the month… my AMEX is and will be HURTING…

Damn didn’t get a FaitMain allocation…

Same here I guess… anyone want to share? Haha

Too much, too soon with everything coming out within two weeks of each other.

Serious thoughts on which allocations to pass on as these add up super quick.

Aubert and Maybach are the two most expenive single wine orders I make each year, and having them within the same month is definitely painful. I’ve cut back on a lot of stuff, but those two remain. (And Rivers-Marie, but those are such a comparative bargain that it feels like they barely count.)

These purchases are a bit easier knowing that I am 100% sticking to my plan of not buying any 2017’s (other than Maybach, Scarecrow and MacDonald to stay on the list). I am in need of having a “year off” to prepare for epic 18’s that will soon enough be coming along… I immediately deleted all the 2017 Myriad Crane Elysian emails (I guess it dropped today?)… So far, so good!

15 days into the year so far… best of luck with your plan, let us know how it works out in the end. [cheers.gif]

#TheStruggleIsReal :slight_smile:

Anyone score the Cabs yet?

We still need to do a Coto tasting!!

Have passed on more lists in the last 6 months than I ever recall. Having purchased Schrader since the 2001 vintage, passing was a tough choice this year, but the right choice. Still hace about 6 cases in the cellar.
Will not pass on Maybach, just enjoyed evey year since their first too much.

Absolutely! I’m up for it any time :slightly_smiling_face: