Mayacamas Vineyard Tour versus Napa Tasting Room?

Has anyone done a tour in the last year at the rebuilt Mayacamas Vineyard? Just wondering because the Estate Tour and Tasting is listed at $125, but they don’t really describe the experience, and am curious if it lives up the cost (which is fairly high even by Napa standards).

Alternatively, you can do the $85 library tasting in their downtown tasting room for Chardonnay, Merlot, and 3 Cab vintages.

I’m looking to do one higher-end tasting on my trip, so any insight is greatly appreciated!

It’s a high cost but IMO is completely worth it.

The vineyard on the mountain is a special place. The tour consists of a drive on the rangers through the vineyard / up the mountain, a tasting on the mountain top, tour + tasting of the cellar & grounds, and seated tasting in their new facility (which is gorgeous). We spent ~3 hours total and they poured a few nice library vintages (2001, 2003, 2013) in addition to the current release cab/chardonnay/merlot.


I’m going to the estate on Saturday and I’ll try to remember to report back (or maybe I’ll make a post covering the whole trip)


Thanks for sharing!

Yes! That would be terrific.

We visited the Estate in early September, and it is 100% worth it. We have visited many wineries, and I would put this experience in our top 5 visits. If possible, request David as your host as he was fantastic. Summary of the visit:

  • Started with a quick look at the vineyards that immediately surround the winery/tasting room

  • We then loaded up into Side-by-Sides and drove to all of the major vineyard sites across the mountain, stopping at each major site.

  • Stopped at a lookout point that overlooked a section of the vineyard and looked out towards San Fran. If it’s clear you can see all the way to the bay. At this stop, we tasted the current release Chard.

  • After the lookout point we finished the vineyard tour, and we were able to look at the hidden prohibition caves on the way back to the winery. When we returned to the tasting room/winery we toured the cellar/barrel room

  • Our last stop was the tasting room where we tasted 19 Melot, 18, 12, and 08 Cab, and were poured blind an 86 Pinot. I had asked a few questions about their old pinot’s during the visit so this was a great surprise.

If you can make it work, it is well worth the difference in price, but just keep in mind it is a much longer visit than most tastings, and it takes quite a while to get to/from the estate for the visit. Happy to answer any questions you may have!


Agreed, the estate is a must visit. Incredible tour and great tasting with some legit library wines. I also think David was a particularly great host.