Max Marinucci. I didn't get my bashing chance!!!

Got shut out at the other place on my chance to bash Max as the thread is closed.
Don’t want to miss the opportunity.

The guy is sneaky. Here’s what I’ve seen in his store

  1. He uses a syringe to take the ‘good’ wine out of the bottles that he sells. I think he replaces it with some of the Jay Miller suggestions…

  2. Everything I’ve ever purchased has been both cooked and corked. How is this even possible??? Must be injecting the ‘cork’ into the bottle!!

  3. I hear he doesn’t like bacon. How can you trust someone that doesn’t like bacon???

  4. He’s friends with Posner. 'Nuff said there…

Ok, I’ve said my piece…

Anyone friends with Posner is clearly up to something no good.

Spoke to Max yesterday, he was very happy with the publicity, as he got a lot more new customers.

Kinda like when Pierre Rovani called me a moron.

Ah, memories…think I will have a pepsi

I still need to know what my orders ARE with Max! I know I’ve got a bunch, and I’m afraid. Very afraid.

Didn’t that comment fall into the area of Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean that they are not out to get you?

I believe it was my first questioning of Jay Miller, all the way back in 2007…who knew? neener