Maui Restaurant Rec’s

We do Maui every year or two and have for quite some time.
IMHO Lehaina Grill grill is always top notch. Usually the best food and by far the best service. We never do a trip without going there.
If you make reservations ask to be seated in Richards section (if there is availability), he is their Somm. They don’t list a wine pairing option, but he will put one together.

Joey’s Kitchen in Napili on Thursday night.


Fish Tacos

Crispy Pork Belly

Island Girl Golden Ale

Friday night was Lahaina Grill

No pic of the crab cake because it was so good.

Bufala Tomato Salad was as good as it looks

Maui Onion Soup was great

This ‘20 Fevre Vaillons was very good

My Seared Crusted Monchong was crispy on the outside, flaky and juicy in the inside, Roasted Fennel on top Dungeness Crab Risotto below. This was so good I could mainline the sauce.

My Wife’s Braised Shirt Ribs were great as well. She absolutely loved the demi-glace.

Thanks to @David_Baum for the rec!

Tonight, food trucks!


Glad you enjoyed!

Merriman’s was outstanding. Had the best table in the house thanks to a tip from @Mike_Officer.


I just popped a Laurent -Perrier. Gift from the hotel I’m at (often get bottles, almost never get one I’d drink).

Punched above its weight class!

Ming Chong is a great fish!!