Matter of Taste event in NYC

This event is next Saturday 11/10 and I’m considering buying a ticket but I wanted to get some feedback from the board. Has anyone attended? It claims to offer the “chance to taste over 250 wines all rated 95+ by The Wine Advocate.”

There are some interesting wines listed on the link, but not all regions are equally represented. That’s no biggie to me, but my concern is will this be an exercise in shoulder checking if there is a large crowd? I’ve attended Rieslingfeier and they pack them in like a sardine can so it makes it challenging to taste all the wines during the allotted time. Can anyone speak of their experience on how crowded this gets?

Additionally, the price is $325 this year. I’ve read that just two years ago it was priced at $120. Talk about inflation.

Note: Not to be confused with the Wine Spectator New York Wine Experience event that was held a few weeks ago.

I wasn’t a paying customer, but I volunteered at A Matter of Taste event in 2016 in Napa. The grand tasting certainly had its fair share of heavyweights-tending heavily to Bordeaux varietal wines, Rhone-style (Rhone, Australian and domestic) and Italian wines. There was a smattering of Burdundian varietal wines and nothing from Burgundy IIRC.

If you’re comparing to the Wine Spectator Wine Experience events, the WS events have a greater variety or types and regions and is larger overall.

It’s less crowded than other tastings, which is why you can still get tickets. But if you try, say 100 wines, that comes out to $3-4 a taste, which is pretty good for some of the wines. So given that you’re going to get a better chance than you would at an event with higher attendance, if you’re interested in that kind of thing, go for it. Get a list of the wines in advance and make a plan for how you want to proceed. And you may be able to talk to a few wine makers or Lisa.

Thanks for the input guys. I’m leaning towards going.

There are some pretty serious producers coming. Given it’s the 40th anniversary, it should be a step up from previous iterations. Ramonet will be pouring the 2014 Ruchottes, for example. I’ll be there if anyone is interested in saying hi and chatting about Burgundy or elsewhere.

I attended the first one in NYC. I spent four hours walking around drinking A++ wines. They are Parker A++, but I like those wines. I had many great wines and met many great people. I did not know they were doing it again. Thanks for the heads up. The problem is it is the same day as La Fete du Champagne (I think) so it’s a tough choice.

Yup – same day and time as the Fete du Champagne grand tasting.

Worth the price to meet William!

I would go. Some great wines on the list.

Hi David
Assuming there are similar wines presented, here are some comments from the London leg of the Matter of Taste tour:

I didn’t go, but the common theme of the thread seemed to be (as ever with any big event) to plan what you want to taste and have the focus that works best for you. They seemed happy enough, if a little fazed by what some prestige bottles retail for now!


Not sure if the last one, or the one before that in NYC many Napa producers only brought 1 bottle of their high end stuff which ran out quickly. Other than that many other tables are somewhat empty, I remember the producer from Greece being almost desolate and some of the Spanish stuff too.

I’m really going to meet up with some of the producers I represent in Panama… NY is much closer than Europe. I’ll be the mustached guy around the Spanish section.

I’m getting offers to attend at a discount via the American Wine Society, so I guess it’s not a sell-out.

Nope. But if you go, that’s why you’ll get more access to better wines and get a chance to meet some wine makers as long as they’re still participating.

Anyone who’s going to be there, feel free to drop me a PM

If anyone going tastes the 2001 Beaucastel, please PM me or post a TN. I would love to know how this is drinking.

I intend to taste all 351 wines while I’m there. I may or may not remember tasting the Beaucastel or how to use a computer after this event.

I attempted to do that two years ago. I failed. I had rented a hotel room around the corner and I got to my hotel by putting my hand on the side of the building and walking about two blocks around the corner without removing my hand from the wall. Getting across the street was a struggle. I think I had about 80. I got there when they opened and left when they closed.

You need to work on your spitting technique, Jay.

Haha. I have about a twenty minute walk home so as John suggests if I want to make it home I have no choice but to perfect the art of spitting.

Jean Charles Cazes told me 14 years ago that his grandfather taught him that spitting was a sin. I agree,