Match 2005

Just had a Match Butterdragon. 2005 that was wonderful. Can’t understand wht these wines weren’t more sought after. Still have more but miss buying these wines.

Me too. Consistently good, along with the Baconbrook.

I preferred Butterdragon to Baconbrook, but miss them both!

Sadly drank all my 750. But have three mags left

His website is still active, wonder if these are actually available

I’ve still got 42 bottles left, including 9 mags and a 3L.

I think Randy is still selling off the rest of his inventory.

Was always a fan of Randy’s wines…

If you liked Baconbrook you might enjoy our 74-41 cabernet or Bougetz Amaryllis (some inside info…)

I always get the two bottles mixed up. One always had a distinct green vegetal profile. I preferred the other

I was a Baconbrook guy. Have 6 mags and less than a case of regular bottles left.

I am down to one 750 and one magnum of the 2010. Sad.

I have two Baconbrooks left. Mr. Landrith was kind enough to send me a case when they were on sale at Costco. I wish I had bought two.