Masters Champions Dinner Wines

A pair of 2015 Shafer to compliment the Sushi and Fajitas
Red Shoulder Ranch Chardonnay
Hillside Select

As the Golf Channel hosts said, “These are very hard to get.”

What would you serve?

I have to admit, as an avid golfer this is the best week of the year!

Well, I think we all know what the host should have picked to go with the sushi …

En magnum of course! [highfive.gif]

2008 Comte de Champagne and soft shell crab roll along with Shafer HSS and Flannery burgers.

Fuzzy’s favorite time of the year…

Ha ! Fuzzy and Tiger are best buddies.

Was just doing some research on this very topic before i saw it posted here. I would have to think Vijay Singh had the best wine selections in recent history in 2001.

1982 Chateua Lafite Rothschild
1997 Grgich Chardonnay
Mumm Napa bubbles

Or Maybe Tiger’s first Masters in 97

1975 Mouton Rothschild
1995 Batard Montrachet, Domaine Le Flaive

Then again Adam Scott’s Penfolds picks were solid too…

What fun that would be

I wanted to open a 2015 Shafer HSS sometime during the Master’s, but realized that was the vintage I stopped buying. Love the wines, but just to be a bit too much compared to some other Napa cabs I love. Maybe I’ll find another vintage HSS for over the weekend.

I wonder what types of guidelines/restrictions they have for their wine choices.

That Tiger selection from 1997 is pretty epic. I have heard the cellar there is really stacked and they do like to age some stuff. I would assume they have an in house cellar manager /somm who guides these guys. Tiger seems to have taste for Cab and Chardonnay.

I am surprised Tiger didn’t do a 97 for his first of five wins.

I have to admit, as an avid golfer this is the best week of the year!

My favorite tournament of the year by far. It will be interesting without fans lining the fairways. Bryson will be bombing driver to over the bunkers on 18.

I have a few bottles of Jim Nantz’ wine, The Calling, I plan to open this weekend.

I had a bottle of that last year with Sushi. It was better than expected and actually quite good. I hope you like it.