Master Somm Invalidation

From the SF Chronicle article:

“Passing the final test can mean a significant material difference in a somm’s life. An advanced sommelier in the U.S. earns an average salary of $87,000, while a master earns an average of $164,000, according to a 2017 GuildSomm survey.”

It was a sham/scam from the start.

From the SF Chronicle article:

“Passing the final test can mean a significant material difference in a somm’s life. An advanced sommelier in the U.S. earns an average salary of $87,000, while a master earns an average of $164,000, according to a 2017 GuildSomm survey.”

That must include people working in all segments of the wine world because there are very few floor somm’s making 6 figures plus. Most MS’ use the title to get out of the restaurant business and into something that offers better pay and better hours. The CMS has done a lot of good for the wine world, but at this point, I think it my be losing some of it’s utility.

Ryan, I agree with you that many or most move on from the restaurant business and that is likely a major contributing factor to the average salary growth number above. Or if not from the restaurant business altogether, an MS is probably moving into a role of running wine programs for high profile restaurants or restaurant groups. Either way, they’re likely not often working the floor at that point.

I still have nightmares about having to re-take my MW exams. Can’t imagine how it must feel not to have benefitted from the leaked info and to now have to face re-sits.

You know, it’s funny you say that. I said the same thing, but not for one second did I think something nefarious was going on. I know a lot of the people that passed this year, and know that they would one day pass. It was a strong class, so it didn’t really register.

Talk about piss poor timing. With Somm 3 coming out, this is only going to be anchored to it.

Just take a look at the cast of Somm :slight_smile:
They are all doing things other than restaurants. McClintic is making wine (or so it seems), Cauble and Wilson are in retail, and DLynn has be repping brands for awhile (previously Penfolds, now Fantesca).

Last check, KJ employees some combo of 7 MS and MW (that may have changed), but that was a total I heard in the last year or two.

I would never give much credence to a salary survey conducted by a school or other institution with a vested interested in making it appear that its credential will vastly increase the earnings power of those who obtain it. It’s like the employment stats at for-profit “colleges” and third-tier law schools.

DLynn is solid. I first met him about 8 years ago or so in Dallas. I wont go long on the details of our first meeting, but it involved me obviously interrupting a blind/theory prep session he and other somms were partaking in at old-Grailey’s. Instead of punting me, he poured a glass of Vega Sicilia Valbuena, took me on a little tour, shot the shit with me for a bit. Fast forward a year and he jumped my car for me in a parking lot. I got to pop some bottles for his blind theory prep before he took off to travel and deep prep for his first MS final exam. A very good taster and a great guy to have a drink with.

As an aside, if you want an embarrassing moment have your beat up Explorer not start in a lot full of Mercedes and Porsches at a wine event and have to go in and ask the Somm to jump your car…

I live in a town that hasn’t really been affected by the Somm virus. Any contact I have had with a real Somm has left my life unchanged. Although Instagram loves them.

You could tell them it’s your keg-mobile and your wife is picking up DRC elsewhere in the Merc.

I believe they are trained to judge wine not automobile ownership.

I once left my push button start car with a valet in front of a huge restaurant without tossing him the keys. I guess he couldn’t use the clutch and stalled it. When we came out it was surrounded by Maserattis and Bentleys. Poor little thing.

Esther Mobley wrote a piece on this this morning. Apparently, one of the 24 had already passed the Tasting portion so he is allowed to keep his new pin - the other 23, not so lucky . . .

I’ve met him once as well when he was still repping Penfold’s. Seemed like a great guy who was obviously passionate about wine and also eager to educate. Did he end up passing all three levels of the MS?

embarassing moment or cool anecdotal story? champagne.gif

I believe it was a year after the movie?

I think that part of the value of being a Master Somm is in induced demand. That is, once there is something, or more of something, there becomes demand for it. Now that we have Master Somms (and Masters of Wine for that matter), why wouldn’t someone like United want to say that their wine selections on their flights is curated by an MS…or British Airways that their wines are chosen by an MW? Why wouldn’t a big corporation want an MS or MW to host their execs and clients on a wine tasting trip? Why wouldn’t a wine education company want to hire them to teach? And it’s certainly easier for Ian Cauble to sell Somm Select wines than if he wasn’t an MS (especially one featured in the movies).

By the way, I’m not saying anything negative here. These credentials are very difficult to get and many of the MS/MW groups are amazingly talented individuals well worthy of the opportunities they get/have earned. I just think that once there is a label recognized in some way by the industry and/or public, that will create additional demand for those with the label.

Delta has a master somm organize their wine list, it’s prominently displayed that it’s done by her (Andrea Robinson) in biz/first class.

Given the secrecy about the exam, I wonder what would possess someone to reveal the wines and allow cheating? Money? Trying to help a fav canidate? Agree this would be a good sub plot in Somm 3…

I’ve been thinking the same thing. Frankly, if someone tried to give me the answers, I wouldn’t have hesitated and reported them.

Somm 3 is already out, you must mean 4… [cheers.gif]

I do not believe so.