Massolino barolo "Rionda" 2000

My Mom is a big fan of barolo, so her just-in-time decision to come over for steaks allowed for only a quick two-hour decant.

I have had other bottles from this producer in this general time period, and honestly I have not been overwhelmed.

This bottle, however, reminded me why we place barolo on a pedestal. The wine overall just had a palpable sense of gravitas about it. Nothing slutty here – this was all class. Definitely on the “traditional” side of the barolo spectrum.

The aromatics are classic barolo – tar and roses, supplemented to some extent by orange peel, black tea and maybe a hint of cinnamon. One thing I love about traditional nebbiolo is that, at its best, it smells and tastes like no other grape I know of.

In the mouth, the tannins are softening enough to allow just a hint of the wine’s charms to be revealed, but they remain firm enough to remind us that this is still a relatively young wine. (The too-short decant probably did the wine a disservice.) The finish is VERY long, and smooth.

The wine was old enough to be starting to strut its stuff, but I suspect it has at least two decades left in it.

All told, a very nice positive surprise. Another endorsement came when my 6-year-old gave me a thumbs-up after taking a sip, with a tiny piece of steak. And Mom loved it too! 94

Is she opposed to capitalizing it on principle? neener

(P.S. Sounds great!)

The Riserva 2009 and the Riserva X 2004 are great wines …

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