Massandra - glass seal - translation help

Hi all!

So there are quite a few bottles from Sotheby’s Massandra auction from the 90ies lying in my cellar.

A few of them from the ancient Tsar period and single ones bear the old Imperial seal.

I do wonder what is the seal’s translation and have asked a few of my friends but none has enough knowledge of the Russian language to translate the whole, so I thought I’ll give it a try here.

What I suspect resp. found out is:

first line:

Ливадiя … Livadi(y)a (name of the palace resp. town)

last line:

Его величества…his majesty

But I can not find out anything regarding the middle line…

So…if you have an idea: highly appreciated!!!

The second word is “Имение”. So the whole thing should read “Ливадия - Имение Его Величества”. It means “Livadia - His Majesty’s Estate”.

Hope this helps.

Hi Vlad!

Many thanks - never would I have been able to figure this out!!!

As for my suspicions regarding top an bottom line I take your answer as a confirmation that my letters were correct?!


Your letters are 100% correct. Bitteschoen. :slight_smile: